Day 12 (2/4-2/6)

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Day 12 (2/4-2/6)

Post by Saibankan » Sun Feb 04, 2018 5:48 pm

The temperatures in Tsuma today are nether overly warm nor cool. There are a few clouds in the sky looking down upon the final ceremony and all that transpires over Tsuma, as if the ancestors themselves are watching this new generation take up their swords.

The Closing Ceremonies will take place on the tournament grounds in the Late Morning.

Trapped in the Dragon Moutnains will take place in the Tears of the Blue Sky theater in the Early evening.

Kazuhiko Theater in the streets of LA


I really do love watching the annual iaijutsu tournament. It's amazing to watch the best the Crane have to offer, as well as the variations that the other clans adopt.
Too bad none of the Dragon made it in to the tournament, Niten-style looks so weird!
It also would have been nice to put that Matsu in her proper place via duel, but the final competitors all earned their places in the tournament.
True, but Shinjo Kanae and Kaiu Kaido really looked like they didn't know what they were doing there. From all the dojo practices, I know there were better duelist than them in the competition.

Well yes, but it takes more than knowing how to duel to be a good samurai. I once knew a man who dedicated his every waking moment to the Art. It's true his style was flawless, but he utterly lacked any social aptitude to be taken seriously in court, and lacked the military training to be of any use in battle.
What happened to him?
I heard he took to the waves. Apparently his plan was to wander the Empire being rude to samurai and then dueling them.
I wonder how that worked out for him?
Beaten to death with a club, I heard. The Art is a wonderful thing, allowing us to resolve conflicts, be it courtly insults or entire battles with a single perfect cut. But it is never meant to be used as the first and only solution.

Wow, did you see that kharmic strike between Utaku Miku and Doji Kobiyashi? That was amazing!
True, but I bet it's a relief to Doji Kobiyashi that Doji Takezo ended up winning. Can you imagine being declared the equal of someone who then went on to win the tournament instead of you?
Yeah, that would've been bad.

So Doji Takezo is the new Topaz Champion huh? Is that a good or bad thing?
Well, for him personally, good. He's dreamed of it for so long, and with his.....state of affairs, it's good to see glory early in his career.
But for the Crane? I don't know. There's going to be a lot of talk about his participation in the tournament. Those shadows are set to follow both him and the Crane clan for some time I think.
So he should have withdrawn from the tournament?
Hmmm, it would have lessened the shadows, but denied the Crane the position. Not that Utaku Miku would've been a bad champion, but it was just not going to turn out well when those....things were discovered.'s a yearly tournament, things will definitely be watched a lot more closely from now on.

Hey, we're still on to see the play at the theater tonight, right?
Huh? I heard it was cancelled.
No, it's not cancelled. Apparently someone went around telling everyone it was cancelled and they should go see the ronin's play instead. It's a real smear campaign, and the playwright is apparently very very distraught about this.
Hmm...well, we may not know who spread the rumors, but it's clear whose trying to benefit from it huh?
Yeah, well me and some of the others have been discussing what we're gonna do about that kind of attack on Tsuma......

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