Advantages and Disadvantages

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Advantages and Disadvantages

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Advantages and Disadvantages

Note that, unless stated otherwise (ie. price listed by rank, or the advantage/disadvantage is subdivided - see Forbidden Knowledge), all advantages and disadvantages may be taken only once. Advantages and disadvantages tied to Shourido have been banned, as the philosophy was not developed by Daigotsu in this timeline (due to his death prior to its formulation), and his followers who would have spread the philosophy are either scattered or dead.
Core Book:
Allies (GM permission)*
Blackmail (GM permission, permission of the other player if another PC is involved, who must take the Blackmailed disadvantage)
Blissful Betrothal (permission of the other player if another PC is involved, who must also take Blissful Betrothal)
Dangerous Beauty (alteration: works on targets of any gender)
Dark Paragon (Banned)
Darling of the Court (Banned)
Forbidden Knowledge (GM permission)**
Gentry (Banned)
Inheritance (GM permission for unusual items)
Kharmic Tie (permission of the other player if another PC is involved)
Sacred Weapon: Black Steel Blade (Banned)
Sage (alteration: does not grant a "phantom rank" in any skill granted by Forbidden Knowledge)
Social Position (alteration, see below)***
Bad Fortune (GM permission, except for Moto Curse and Yogo Curse as required by family)
Bitter Betrothal (permission of the other player if another PC is involved, who must also take Bitter Betrothal)
Blackmailed (GM permission, permission of the other player if another PC is involved, who must take the Blackmail advantage)
Consumed (Banned)
Contrary (alteration: TN is always 20)
Dark Fate (GM permission)
Hostage (Banned)
Sworn Enemy (GM permission)*
Touch of the Void (alteration: Willpower test made before any test for which a Void point is spent to enhance the roll). All other Advantages and Disadvantages may be taken without restriction.

**Characters with Forbidden Knowledge (Kolat) or (Gozoku) will be considered to be members of those conspiracies. Characters with Forbidden Knowledge (Maho) may begin play with one Rank 1 Maho spell known.

Enemies of the Empire:
Inheritance: Trained Falcon
Shadowed Heart
Spy Network (GM permission)
Sleeper Agent (GM permission)
Child of Chikushudo
Medium. All advantages and disadvantages specific to Nezumi are banned, and Naga-related advantages and disadvantages may only be taken by characters with the Naga Ancestry advantage (see below).
Emerald Empire:
The World of the Daimyo (Banned)
The Daimyo's Path (Banned).
The Great Clans:
Enlightened Madness
Void Versatility.
Strongholds of the Empire:
Broken Wave Citizen
Broken Wave Stigma
Inheritance: Kobune (GM permission)
Clear Water Native
Clear Water Stigma
Dark Edge Native
Dark Edge Reputation
Inheritance: Asahina Blade
Nikesake Citizen
Nikesake Stigma
Ruined City Shadow
Stolen Identity (GM permission)
Ruined City Survivor
Inheritance: Water Hammer Armor
Water Hammer Citizen
Water Hammer Stigma
Imperial City Citizen
Imperial City Veteran
Imperial City Stigma (GM permission)
Trials of the Imperial City (GM permission)
Zakyo Toshi Citizen
Zakyo Toshi Stigma
Bounty (GM permission)
Wanderer. Characters may only take advantages and disadvantages from a single location, chosen at character generation.
Imperial Histories:
Imperial Scribe
Anachronism (Banned)
Social Advantage: Ronin Family (5 points) must be taken for a character to be a member of a ronin family (see above).
Imperial Histories 2:
Sacred Weapon: Owl Blade (Banned)
Member of the Chrysanthemum Court (Banned)
Naga Ancestry (GM permission).
The Book of Water:
Battle Healing.
The Book of Void:
Watanu-Trained. Iron Heart Native, Laughing Plains Native, and Sacred Forest Native are allowed, but cannot be combined with each other or any of the location-based advantages and disadvantages from Strongholds of the Empire or the Naishou Province.
Sword and Fan:
Sage of the Sword and Fan
Unexpected Allies 2:
The versions of Allies and Sworn Enemy presented here will be used to represent NPCs not present in the Naishou Province, and may only be taken with GM permission.
Naishou Province:
Naishou Citizen, which cannot be combined with any of the location-based advantages and disadvantages from Strongholds of the Empire or The Book of Void.
Imperial Archives:
Student of Shourido (Banned)
Well Connected (GM permission)
Debt (GM permission).
A note on skills: Characters may not take any ranks in skills covered by Forbidden Knowledge unless they gain access to that skill specifically via their School (for example, the Usagi Bushi or Ox Bushi and Lore: Kolat) or they are taught that skill specifically by another character with that skill. Once a character has gained the first rank of this skill, either through Forbidden Knowledge, School, or by being taught by someone with the skill, they may then improve the skill without restriction.

Notes on Ancestors: Most published Ancestor advantages will be allowed for the Secrets of Naishou game. Due to the high cost of many of those advantages, Ancestors will not count against a character's maximum number of Advantage points.
Ososuki & Akomachi (GC 170) are Fox Clan Ancestors, and are not available to members of the Mantis Clan.
Characters of any Clan or other background can take Shadowlands Ancestors (Hida Atarasi, Kuni Yori, Chuda Bikimi, Yogo Junzo), but there will be consequences...
Komori Iongi, Toku, and Morito Garen (SoE 244 - 245) are not available as Ancestors, as those characters are still among the living in the Shadowed Throne era.
Hida Heichi may only be taken as an Ancestor with GM approval.
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