[D12, LE] One for the Road

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[D12, LE] One for the Road

Post by Doji Kobiyashi » Tue Feb 06, 2018 3:34 am

The samurai Doji Kobiyashi sat at a table for one on the veranda of the Floating Petal. It was the same table he had first had tea with his clansmen on the day they had arrived in Tsuma. So much had happened in such a short time. He had learned to love and admire a woman it would appear that would never return his feelings, met an artist with such a pure love of art and life that he envied him, met a Frog with a lust for life and others, and a Kakita who more than anything wished to make his mother proud.

He chuckles slightly as he blew on his tea. The steam floating out into the air like a ghost. “How does one whose whole purpose is to make friends and allies always wind up feeling so alone? It’s so empty at times. I performed my Sensei’s mission for me as best I could. So why do I feel as though I have missed something? My duty is to my family and clan. Everyone else got to seek personal glory and satisfaction one last time before they became samurai. For one fleeting second I thought I could be like them. To do more than what I was sent here to do. To be somebody worth looking up to for future generations. The Heavens decided that would not be so as Miku-san struck my chest and my heart. For one moment, I thought it was all worth it...”

He takes a sip of his tea. The warm liquid felt so soothing and the aroma relaxes him. The simple tea ceremony was to him what practicing kata was to a Bushi or meditation to a monk. Civility and tradition at its finest and most elegant. Some didn’t get it or care for it, but for him it was one thing that reminded him of happier and simpler times.

He frowned. “I envy all of them. From the green eyed Biwa player to the one footed Crab. They got to spend one last week as children pursuing love and a dream. A dream that most never get a chance to live. Some like while some despise what I am and what I am to do for my clan. For once, I wish I could have just written some poetry for the beauties and shout stories of heroism for the men. No, I had a job to do. To fail...would mean the death of many of my clan, the extension of a war, and sorrow to a province that doesn’t deserve it. I do what I must because my clan needs me to. Others may not understand or spite me for it, but I do what I must do the Crane may prosper. I am a samurai, and I will do my lord’s bidding even if I have to be the villain to do it.”

He struck a mighty pose and held it for a few seconds...then his nemesis appeared and the cricket chirped in mockery. He sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. “I swear you reincarnated just to piss me off in my moment of conviction.” He flicked the cricket off the table into the water below with a flick of his fan. “Come back as a ronin next time. Then we’ll talk.”

He looked out at the city of Tsuma then walked away.

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