The Mantis Embassy

Located next to the Palace, on the banks of the Itochu River, the Mantis embassy notably includes a small dock of its own.
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The Mantis Embassy

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Located along the bank of the Itochu River, the home of visiting Mantis samurai doubles as a private dock, complete with a warehouse for storing goods to go to market in Kyuden Naishou, or for holding them for shipment down the river and out of the province. The rest of the embassy is an exercise in opulence, with little expense spared in the design and decor of the buildings - in a nautical style, of course. In addition to the residential building, the dock, and the warehouse, there is a target range - the one that will be used for the Bowman's Wager, in fact. Visitors may be surprised to see no area dedicated to meetings or parties, but their attention is soon drawn to a collection of flat-bottom riverboats that can be used individually for private meetings or strung together across the river for grand parties.
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