Pre Game Letter: Kaiu Utsu

A flurry of letters precedes every major Winter Court as its attendees begin the process of introducing or re-introducing themselves to their peers and establishing the foundations for their political work of the season.
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Pre Game Letter: Kaiu Utsu

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This letter is written in a plain, but well cared paper, the strokes of the brush are direct but efficient. It says:

"Respected Kaiu Utsu let le present myself first, I al Tsi Hagane. It is known that your clan prefer a straightforward approach, so I will go straight to the point. Your family knowledge of engineering is well known across all the Empire, and I believe such knowledge could be used for medical purposes. Im working on a project that could help many samurais around the continent, that because either injury or birth, have been set aside or forced to retire. Im talking about those that loose a limb, or are born without a limb, and the project is one of prosthetics limbs, but not normal replacements, but ones that could offer the full range of mobility and use as that of the real flesh, or at least close enough. I will be at the Baishou province for the Winter Court, so if you are also there, I would like to talk with you more about this project in person"
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Re: Pre Game Letter: Kaiu Utsu

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On sturdy gridded paper, Kaiu Utsu's reply appears both hasty and as if he were in the elements. A drop of water hastily wiped away, a character with a jagged spike where there should be a smooth curve betray that he was on a horse. It catches up with Tsi Hagane as Tsi enters the city.
Tsi Hagane

I apologize for the tardiness of this response, the messenger was unaware I too was on the way to Naishou until they reached my home. They also send their apologies. But all should be well as I see the city rising before me, so my letter is not technically written while I was here.

I am excited to know a member of the Tsi family is coming to this winter court as well! We will surely have much to discuss about the secrets of the fire and metal. Too few are conversant in its mysteries, so I am elated there will be more than myself!

Your idea sounds intriguing. Do you mean things such as Lord Sun wore before his ascent? I have heard that both it and the hand he bore before then were powerful artifacts, one for good, the other for great evil. They say the Jade Hand was made by Osano-Wo himself! While I do not believe we can come close to that sort of heavenly perfection, I would be willing to try to create more mundane replacements. Any Crab that can fight even a moment longer on the wall is a victory for all who shelter behind it's bulwark!

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