Day 11, EN - Late Visiting Fish

A square, practical, defensible building in simple dark blue and grey, surrounded by a sturdy-looking wall. Above the wall's gatehouse is emblazoned the Crab clan mon.
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Yasuki Aiyuri
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Re: Day 11, EN - Late Visiting Fish

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"Actually, Yasuki Jinn-Kuen-sama is the one who said he might have an arrangement in mind, one that would be beneficial to both the Yasuki family and my own future. So I'd hate to go over his head, especially within the Family."

Talking about the details seemed unwise.
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Re: Day 11, EN - Late Visiting Fish

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Her eyebrows lift. "The attention of the family daimyo himself? It would be hard to go over his head, but you definitely don't want to slip around behind his back. No worries. I'll mention it to aunt Mayumi to pass word on up if she knows anyone particularly well-suited then. Assuming she feels like she can pass recommendations on to his stable of nakodo."

"It certainly sounds like your fortunes are in a good place, then Yasuki-san." She lifts her cup. "To a memorable and successful winter, then."
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