D14 Events and Rumors

Here we'll fill you in on the daily gossip and weather patterns, and will provide a basic schedule of events for each day.
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D14 Events and Rumors

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Temperatures continue to be cold, with freezing fog in the later morning and snow beginning again in the early evening. Frigid winds blow from the south with increasing intensity through the day, dying off in the early evening. But the cold seems to be largely ameliorated; it is uncomfortable, but not damaging unless people fail to take precautions.

The Sun remains in the sign of the rat, Fukurokujin in the sign of the Dragon, Bishamon in the Dog, Ebisu in the Rat, and Benten in the Ox. The moon waxes further. The dominant element is Earth.

LM- Final Day of Court (no Influence)

Rumors and Letters
Overheard in the Dignitaries' Quarters
Yeah, he was clutching at his chest again. I worry.
Heard about town
"They did it this time! All the way up the mountain in the dead of winter!"
"And what a turnout. That Norichika guy himself, the Tsuruchi"
"Who, I have it on good authority, is a great hunter"
"The Hare"
"What hare?"
"You know, the crazy one"
"Oh yeah, her. Huh. Another feather in her cap"
"That Scorpion guy"
"And what's his deal anyway?"
"No idea. But we had two big beefy Crabs"
"Yeah, that tends to solve problems"
"Some problems at least. Anyway, Sujuko Mura eats will this Winter"
"The bridge finally went"
"What bridge?"
"You know the one, on the lake. Damaged in the war, and never time or gold for a repair"
"Huh. Damn. And they fixed so much here in the capital, cleared ruins, rebuilt houses."
"I mean there's still a lot to do this summer, but they've done good work, you know. That Kaiu and old Kaori."
"Her? A construction worker?"
"No joke, I saw her the day before yesterday, in the middle of a snowstorm. Crazy, but they got a lot done"
"Shame about that bridge though."
"Remember when I said that the law had gotten slack? Not anymore"
"Hmm? What happened?"
"Some people knocked over a warehouse full of Yakuza, and it was wholesale slaughter"
"Oh wow. Well, can't say I'll miss those guys"
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