The PCs

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Tsi Hagane
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Re: The PCs

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Name: Tsi Hagane
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Clan: Ronin
Build: Stocky but muscular
Height: 5´11"
Eyes: Hazelnut
Hair: Black
Occupation: Shugenja/Weaponsmith/Blacksmith/Amateur candy maker

Tsi Hagane was born together with his twin brother, Iwai, in the Tsi ronin family, famous for their weaponsmithing ability. But he was born with the gift of magic, and knowing he needed a proper trainer, his family did everything they could so that Hagane could study with the Dragon Tamori shugenjas. During those years, he was always reminded that he owed the clan a obligation because of this opportunity, so he worked hard to prove himself equal to a real samurai. He managed to make a strong relationship with Mirumoto Daichi, a bushi in training.

But one day a week before their gempukku, when he and Daichi were outside the dojo when the shugenja and bushi were training together, when they got ambushed by Yobanjin raiders. They fought bravely, but when a raider was about to hit a distracted Daichi, Hagane pushed him away from the attack, but losing his left arm in the process. After the event, Daichi family and the Dragon can thanked him inmensely. But now, Hagane had a new drive, and another reason to work even harder. A year later, he performed his gempukku, and a year later, he studied with the Tamori Weaponsmiths.

Now, Hagane has new goals. To prove himself equal to others in defiance of his status of ronin and his missing limb. Find a way to better the life of many other samurais in his condition. And if his family were made a minor clan, that is a good bonus. He is now with the Dragon clan in this winter court at Naishou.

Appearance: He is tall, but not like many crab samurai are. He is stocky, but shows a good layer of muscle, has short black hair, and the obvious missing left arm. As customary for those that study with the dragon, he has a tattoo in his stump of his left arm that travels to his chest, of a dragon dancing with a oriole. His skin is tanned because of times in the outdoor and in the forge. He has the showing of a stubble, which he keeps trimmed (although if he gets the chance, he would like to grow it)

Personality: He is driven, goal oriented and hardworking, but also a hard life has taught him to enjoy the good things in life, both small and big and be friendly, because it is no good to be sullen and serious all the time, and he sometimes can be a bit informal with those he consider friends. He sometimes can be a bit loud, but always a good fun type. Being a ronin does has its good things.

1.- He likes candies, a lot, and is the reason he learned to make them himself.
2.- He and his twin brother, Iwai, sometimes communicate in their own secret language they made when kids. Either by letters or in person.
3.- He has a crush on his best friend, Daichi, which he knows it most likely not reciprocated.
Status: 1, Honor: What is expected.

Shugenja, Blacksmith, Weaponsmith, Amateur candy maker.

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Asako Tomon
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Re: The PCs

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Name: Asako Tomon
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Clan: Phoenix
Build: regular
Height: 5´9"
Eyes: brown
Hair: Black
Occupation: Courtier/HIstorian

Asako Tomon is still fairly young. Based in Nikesake for the previous 5 years, he had been slowly rising in the ranks there, making many contacts with the Crane. He had a first marriage, to a young Crane woman, but sadly, his wife perished while trying to give birth, as did the child. It was sad, but as it had been a normal marriage, not one filled with love, he performed his year of grieving, and moved on.

He is not entirely sure why he was chosen to come to Imperial Court, but when a superior commands, he obeys.
Asako Tomon * Loremaster * Courtier
Status: 3 * Honor: Above average * Glory: 2
Missing left hand * Nikesake Citizen

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Utaku Miku
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Re: The PCs

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Name: Utaku Miku
Gender: Female
Clan: Unicorn
Marital Status: Betroted
Occupation: Battle maiden?
Age: 18
Height: 5'7"
Build: Well proportioned
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown

A model flower of Rokugani womanhood would one look at her? Dainty figure with some distracting hints, fashinable white in her face, a elegant kimono and poised movement so why does she wear a Unicorn mon then?

Usually found in a quite courtly attire with a fan walking around the city she does seem more like a maiden having jumped out of the pages of a pillar book but then if one sees her with her horse, towering above those ridden by samurais one can clearly see that she hails from the battle maidens.

Among the Unicorn it is known that she obtained her invitation to the Topaz tournament by impressing her senseis even if a voice or two musters that there where stronger fighters among her fellow students.

And well she partially called them out as a liar as while she was not a favorite she showed her knowledge of the duelling arts as she bested her fellow unicorn, took a karmic strike in the quarter final against a scion of the Crane , and in the end only lost to the finalist with whom she is reunited here.
During her time in naishou in the past she was involved in at least one duel , a matter of some importance with the crane against one of her fellow topaz graduates, standing on the walls of the city to defend it and having fought and aided the poor and not so well off .
She now owns some propperty inside the city but astute observer might see that she is missing her former constant companion in her little sister.
Unicorn Clan * Blessed by Benten * Harmless Beauty
Glory: 6.6/8.6 in Naishou ,counts as infamity for SC. Status: 4.0 Honor: Exeptional
Carries: Daisho, a sweet smile, elegant Clothing and a fan.
Owns a house in Naishou.