Local Minor Vassal families

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Local Minor Vassal families

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These are basically the local fill-in Ji-Samurai who do all the stuff normal main-family Crane Samurai don't get around to doing or don't want to do - much like the Kayama in Kudo. There's three families of them:

Nogura family

They are the larger of the two old phoenix vassal families, residing in several houses, most of them clustered in a neighborhood near the North gate.. They perform a wide range of roles in the province, whenever tasks are too unimportant for full main family Samurai or undesirable, among them administration, the lower ranks in the local garrison as well as tax collection - and also the local weaponsmith and armourer.
Their head, Nogura Kaname, is still unhappy with what she feels is her family's demotion to second place among the vassals in Naishou. She was the oldest daughter of the long-serving leader of the family under the Phoenix and has married into the Crane clan after their takeover of the province.

Sudou family

The Sudou are a newly founded Crane vassal family - recruited younger children of Ji-Samurai from the governour's former home province, skilled Ronin and promoted Budoka, organized in fealty to a trusted Doji retainer and reside both within the outer compound of the keep as well as a nearby mansion. They do law enforcement, are part of the garrison in the capital and serve as messengers. Given their hand-picked nature they are still fairly elite for a vassal family, albeit not particularly numerous - very dedicated to the Crane and eager to prove themselves.

Yasuda family

Another of the old phoenix vassal families, the Yasuda were soldiers, mostly guards and infantry. They have almost been wiped out in recent fighting except for children and members too old to fight who now reside in a half-empty compound near the southern Gate. Their status is precarious right now, and their continued existence anything but assured - and yet there is something mildly unusual about that family that makes the Nogura treat them better than their numbers or influence would suggest.