[Day 14 LA] Like herding Arthropods (Bayushi Kazari epilogue)

While there's little reason to undertake any great journeys during the winter, sometimes people just need to get out of the city for one reason or another.
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[Day 14 LA] Like herding Arthropods (Bayushi Kazari epilogue)

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Bayushi Kazari took in the scene in front of her. The Northern gate and the city behind it, shrouded in snow, smoke curling into the sky. The handful of travellers and merchants that left it in this weather - and the ragtag group assembled nearby. A little over two dozen, all in all, most of them local Yakuza or street toughs that had fallen in with her Clan over the last year. Mostly young men in their teens or twenties, many of whom had never been farther away than two towns over. Not physically imposing either, with a few exceptions. They would have a hard time anywhere else but here - but they would be leaving. They would go with her rather than take their chances staying.

Most of them were those who had been smart enough to realize their predicament early on and laid low. There were only a handful of survivors from that other warehouse, and most them were not in good shape. Even if they had been patched up, one was still limping and another would have to be carried. But they were leaving today, no debate. Naishou province had gotten entirely too hot for them, so Kazari, too, had to leave early along with half her crew to take care of them.

How did that happen to me? she asked herself. No hot baths, relaxed hanging around waiting for the weather to improve. Duty called.

After that disaster in Kudo her assignments had been anything but glorious, mostly guard duty or dirty and dangerous work on the fringes. Here in Naishou? Take a squad of rejects and misfits and patrol the swamp that the Scorpion themselves tainted and make sure that nothing leaked out. At least as long as the imperial winter court was still here. Of course then all kinds of people came calling, she got involved, even remotely, with the entire Otomo Souken incident...

Still mad that we...tha I couldn't even take care of that one

Well, no sense in beating herself up over that. She had these people to take care of now. Yakuza. Man that brought back memories, after all she had been one of them for two years. And now...they were probably the saddest lot of recruits the Scorpion clan had to deal with in a while.

Not like they are in a position to turn anyone down as long as they are even remotely useful she chuckled.

Well. The road to the next town over was long, and half of these people probably had never marched, much less for hours. Kazari and her few trained bushi had their work cut out for them, it seemed. Marching them all the way to Scorpion lands. Feeding them, training them along the way. Make sure no one got lost or tried to get themselves lost. Impart discipline. Settle disputes. Knock heads together if they fought or misbehaved. She couldn't quite get her head around all that would entail. So much...responsibility.

For now though just a little over 20 li to the next town. She wondered when the first one would start bitching, and...smiled.
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