[D7, EA: Along the Walls] Cold Weather for Cold Women

Toshi no Naishou is surrounded by a sturdy stone wall which is regularly patrolled by the city's guards. Occasionally, other samurai will ascend the stairs leading to the wall's walkway, as well, should they wish to enjoy the view of the city and the valley beyond.
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Re: [D7, EA: Along the Walls] Cold Weather for Cold Women

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"Oh my apologies. Next time I'll just mention openly all the vile things and demand a reward for some reason that makes no sense. I suppose that would have been more proper. Thank you, old crane, for teaching me proper manners."

She rolled her eyes at Kaori, bowed enough, then walked down the steps to leave.

Even if this were helpful in the end she had failed utterly in her actual plan. That was a real shame. It seemed the empire would only get worse.
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