[Day 13, EN] Rien ne va plus (Dicey Influence)

While it presents itself as a restaurant - a rather good one, too, serving fish fresh from the river - the real draw of the Golden Trout is its back room, which is home to a variety of games to gamble on, as well as a fair share of the city's illicit dealings.
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[Day 13, EN] Rien ne va plus (Dicey Influence)

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Just like he had opened proceedings at the start, so did Ide Ojong elect to close out imperial winter court session. And why not? Business was good for the Unicorn factor. It had not been all that bad for the woman he entered alongside - Kasuga Hitsuko, whose Minor Clan alliance also stood to gain from some of the outcomes of this season of court.

So. Time to celebrate, or maybe to lose one self in the thrill for a while, or hope for that one big score.
Final chance to accrue illicit influence.

Doing so requires a Games: Fortunes and Winds, Intimidation, Sleight of Hand, or Temptation / appropriate trait roll, TN 20.

It is an uncontested Social Skill roll for purposes of Techniques.

Success on the roll earns 1 Glory Point for the character's Faction, plus 1 Glory Point / Raise; it also earns the character a number of koku equal to the Glory Points earned.

Note that characters rolling for influence in the Gambling Influence threads lose a combination of points of Honor and Glory equal to 1 + the number of Raises called, successful or not. Characters whose Techniques explicitly prevent Honor and/or Glory loss for using the Skills listed (e.g., Shosuro Inflitrator, Kasuga Smuggler) do not suffer this penalty.

Players are asked to keep an Influence Tracking thread in their Personal Forums, noting Influence attempts and the number and type of points gained: "Day X, [timeslot], [location], Y points [faction name]." (Linking to the influencing post will be appreciated, as well.)
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Re: [Day 13, EN] Rien ne va plus (Dicey Influence)

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As she had done for so many nights now, the Shosuro glided into the room, tried to start using her wits in her favor, and for the second night in a row, was just terrible at it. She had been doing mindbogglingly well when playing it easy, but the moment she tried to call more stakes, she completely lost her mind it seemed. There was likely an extreme look of shame and humiliation on her face, but it was hidden underneath her mask.

Unwilling to sit in that place after two nights of being an utter disgrace of a temptress Scorpion, she walked out, head as high as she could to try and mask her failure.

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Re: [Day 13, EN] Rien ne va plus (Dicey Influence)

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And the night winds down quietly.
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