[Day 13 EA] The Kakita method? (Fighting influence)

The Naishou War is fresh in the minds of the province's people, and so the barracks remain quite active and are home to the kaisha that serves as the backbone of the city's defenses.
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[Day 13 EA] The Kakita method? (Fighting influence)

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A rather unusual person came to the Dojo on the last day of winter court - the nicest person in Naishou, the governour, Doji Saori. Dressed in a very traditional, typical Crane Kimono, armed with a Katana and outfitted with her typical friendly glare that made people think that today might actually be colder than the day before - and executed some of the Kakita schools Iai-Kata.
Last fighting influence thread - During this thread, a character may make one--and only one--attempt to accrue martial influence. Doing so requires a Battle, Athletics, Defense, Iaijutsu (as in the Strike phase of a duel), Jiujutsu, or any weapon skill except Ninjutsu / appropriate trait roll, TN 20. It counts as a first-round attack roll against TN 20, with an aware opponent of the same Honor, Glory, and Status as the character for purposes of Techniques. Success on the roll earns 1 Honor Point for the character's Faction, plus 1 Honor Point / Raise.

Note that Full Attack can apply to the roll. Defense, Full Defense, and Center Stance would not be practicable, as they preclude attacking. That said, samurai are expected to exercise restraint in most situations, so Full Attacks that are not properly foregrounded might occasion some...concern from onlookers.

Players are asked to keep an Influence Tracking thread in their Personal Forums, noting Influence attempts and the number and type of points gained: "Day X, [timeslot], [location], Y points [faction name]." (Linking to the influencing post will be appreciated, as well.)
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Re: [Day 13 EA] The Kakita method? (Fighting influence)

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Finally, all of his talk about Iaijutsu and they were finally practising.

He needed to do something first, however - before entering the dojo, he approached the armourer. Showing his Jitte and chop of Emerald Yoriki, he requisitioned one suit of Ashigaru armour for tonight, noting how he wasn't expecting a suit to be commissioned if they didn't have time to and he'd take a mixture of spare fitting parts. He let himself get measured, got dressed, and moved into the main barracks dojo.

- - - -
With that done, he took his place amongst the crowd, and began practising the Iai-kata alongside them. Oddly, he was managing to keep up with some of them...
1 raise, 55 - success.
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Re: [Day 13 EA] The Kakita method? (Fighting influence)

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Reiko fell in among the others practicing their Iai - her form standing out among them.

(Iaijustu/Reflexes, 2VP for +2k2, 2 Raises, TN30 = Success - 3 Honor points)
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Re: [Day 13 EA] The Kakita method? (Fighting influence)

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In time, classes resume, and those who had been demonstrating find their way out.
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