[Day 14, Late Evening] Working Without Tools

The second-largest building in the city after the palace itself, this temple contains shrines to each of the seven greater Fortunes and is tended by monks drawn from orders dedicated to each.
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[Day 14, Late Evening] Working Without Tools

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As much time as she had spent in the province, Ginhiko was starting to think of it as home.

As much as she thought about anything, anyway.

For all of her resentment about the letters that had been used to set her on a young Crane maiden's trail, she had to admit, now that she had a moment, that it hadn't been that different from how she normally did things. Let someone point her at a problem, and watch the Hare go. Got yakuza? Point her at them. Tsukai? Point her at them. If you needed people tracked down and then cut to pieces, Usagi Ginhiko was your girl.

In the past two weeks, she had killed or helped kill...

She had actually lost count of the lives she had ended. The only death she could recall with terribly specific clarity was that of poor Ryozo, who, of course, nobody in the province seemed to give a damn about now.

Ginhiko didn't like thinking too much. It invited Regret. Besides. She was bad at it- or at least, that was what she told herself to justify not doing it. The only outright lie she let herself indulge in.

That was probably why she kept looking for trouble. No time to think when you keep hunting down enemies and killing them before they could kill you.

But now... now things were winding down. In their way.

She had her wedding to plan for. Well. Her wedding to write to her daimyo to ask permission for,and the Tsuruchi daimyo to do the same, followed by negotiations about what the Hare would do for the Mantis to make up for snagging one of their samurai. Were they doing the right thing? Or were they just stampeding into a marriage because their society demanded it of them? She hadn't been kidding when she'd told Haruto she liked him, but that it wasn't any sort of grand passion. Then again... it beat waiting for their clans to just assign them someone, or trading them away like prized horses.

Probably for the best. Even if we are acting a bit hasty about it.

But then again, she was 21. Practically a crone, as far the flesh-peddlers of the Empire were concerned. So time had been running out, and it sounded like he was in the same boat. Fine. She did like the guy, after all, and he also hated boredom... but.

But she also knew that bearing children would slow her down. Tether her. She had no intention of simply being a brood mare, but she couldn't very well get married and then not have any kids... the Clan would probably want at least two. Probably more. As Ginhiko herself never tired of telling people, the Hare were rebuilding.

But she also knew that the odds of the two of them being allowed to work together in the field, doing their bloody work was low. Someone was supposed to run the household. And even if she managed to avoid getting her wings clipped to go back out and about her way, could she do that to him? Make him oversee whatever patch of the Hare lands the clan saw fit to assign them?

But she also knew that while neither of them had really fallen head over heels for anyone else, they might yet do it. How would they handle discrete affairs?

As she so often did, Ginhiko banished the troublesome thoughts.

I like him and he's good in bed.

Moving right along, then!

The province was still basically a wreck. She'd done what she could, but while Naishou had clearly needed a few strong sword arms and strong backs, it had also needed the sort of help she was in no position to provide.

She hated feeling helpless even more than she hated thinking too hard about the world she lived in.

And yet here she was, doing both of those things.

She looked about the temple.

She had spent precious little time here. The Fortunes made her uneasy. They always seemed to be watching, and who had time for that?

She knew that a shrine to Emma-O would have likely made more sense, but... you worked with what you had.

She decided Benten would field this one. The whole fucking mess was her fault, after all.

Usagi Ginhiko knelt to offer prayers for the man who had been called Ryozo, who had died for love and who had been slandered in the rumor mill as a crude kidnapper.
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