[D4, EM]I do my Business before Breakfast (Open to Phoenix)

Built to resemble a temple, the Phoenix embassy can double as such should the need arise.
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[D4, EM]I do my Business before Breakfast (Open to Phoenix)

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The Shosuro dressed finely enough, a green kimono with a subtle white pattern resembling the endless knot of the Shosuro mon, her obi red, her underlayers black and gold, she had tied a red cloth over her hair to protect it from the wind. She carried a small box with her and called upon the embassy guards for Isawa Daichi.

"If he is present, yes I'd like to speak with him", her voice came out from under her scarf in the frigid morning air "If he is not, can I leave this for him?
It bares a message along with my good wishes."
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