[EM13] - No Shadows in Water (Open)

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[EM13] - No Shadows in Water (Open)

Post by Hiruma Zoido » Mon Feb 18, 2019 11:07 pm

He had slept like a rock when they had returned from their expedition. He hadn't even sent word to Kanbei that he was fine. Just lumbered into the inn and passed out as soon as his head hit the mat. When he awoke, he was hungry, but he also noted that he probably was a bit ripe from being in armor for most of the day.

So, an early morning dip seemed completely appropriate. After the customary washing up, the large Hiruma sank into the pool of the bathhouse, relaxing as much as he could. The water felt divine.

Fortunes... this has been as exciting as serving on the Wall for serving here. So much more action than I had anticipated. All for the sake of Duty of guarding our tradesmen... what a province...
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