(D4, LM, Hidden Camp) ....that shakes the very forest

From here the Scorpion wage a guerilla-style war, striking hard and fading away into the dense, haunted Kawa Mori.
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(D4, LM, Hidden Camp) ....that shakes the very forest

Post by Saibankan » Sun Jan 20, 2019 5:31 pm

Deep within the Kawa Forest, an unusual procession made it's way to the secret camp. A squad of somewhat injured Scorpion bushi approached the camp with weapons drawn. In their midst stood a well muscled woman in blood-spattered white armor with her eyes closed.

As they reached the command tent, one of the commander's aides halted the party.

"Three questions: who is this woman, why is she not blindfolded, and why is she here?" the aide asked.

"The name I hope to redeem through my actions is Matsu Masuko. Please forgive my appearance," she says, straightening her blood-flecked armor a bit. "I had to convince some of your men of the sincerity of my request."

Some of the more wounded members of her "honor" guard moved off to the medic tent, while others took their place.

"As for the blindfold, we had a long discussion about how if I promised if I kept my eyes closed, my honor was enough to vouchsafe that fact," she says, stretching a bit. Her eyes remain shut. "In the end, I was more persuasive."

The aide's mask gave away nothing.

"And why are you here, Matsu-san?" he prodded.

"I am here on behalf of my clan. Please forgive me if my words are a bit crude; I am but a simple messenger. To wit, the Lion clan has grown impatient with the state of affairs in Naishou. While we recognize that you've certainly transformed this haunted forest into a wonderful fortress to conduct raiding actions from, you seem to lack sufficient force to actually take control of the province. While you could live out here indefinitely as better-equipped bandits, the Lion clan is displeased with the spiritual turmoil this stalemate is generating."

"And we should care why?" asked the aide, somewhat amused at the Lion's bluster.

"Well, the Lion clan has decided to offer you a choice. We can offer you a month to conclude your war with the Crane. Of course, this month would require certain concessions from your Clan made to ours in the name of peace and understanding," Masuko says, taking out a scroll that details the actual numbers that this would require. "During that month, the Lion would take no actions directly against the Scorpion clan in Naishou, unless first attacked, or if the Scorpion's actions directly threaten the spiritual well being of the province."

This brought forth a laugh from the aide. "And what will you do if we refuse, Matsu-san? This forest can be a grave for just as many Lion as it can be for Crane."

There was a small nod from the Lion.

"If you refuse our terms, we will go to war with the Scorpion in Naishou, immediately. I will open my eyes, and kill as many of you as I can. When I do not return with you having agreed to the terms, the Lion clan will level your fortress."

The smile behind the mask faltered a bit.

"Our fortress?" he asked a bit confused.

"The forest. We will burn it to the ground. All of it. With your camp and all your soldiers inside of it."

"You....can't be serious." the aide started to protest.

"Oh, but I am. I have been told to give you until the setting of the sun to make your decision. If you do not make a decision before then, I shall open my eyes and make it for you," Masuko said.
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Re: (D4, LM, Hidden Camp) ....that shakes the very forest

Post by Shosuro Kanetsuru » Wed Jan 23, 2019 2:52 pm

A figure emerges from the shadows, looking over the messenger. He waves the aide off as he considers...

"Let this be my response," he says at last.

An arrow - fired by an archer concealed in the forest's undergrowth - takes the Lion in the throat. To her credit, she goes down quietly, accepting her fate.

Kanetsuru wastes no time as he turns to his aide with instructions.

"They sent a Deathseeker, so they knew this would be how it ended. See that her swords are left at the edge of the forest. Properly, with honor - this was, as she said, her redemption."

He turns to the archer, emerging from his camouflaged hunting blind.

"Send word that we fight a war on two fronts. Let them come."
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Re: (D4, LM, Hidden Camp) ....that shakes the very forest

Post by Yogo Baisetsu » Wed Jan 23, 2019 2:59 pm

Soon after the rest of the Scorpion clear out, another appears near the body of the Lion, left as the soldiers focused on the battles to come.

"Ah, but I fear your fight is not yet over, Matsu-san," the Yogo witch says, her voice little more than a whisper. "Indeed no, it is only just beginning..."
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