Duel Flowchart

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Duel Flowchart

Post by Saibankan » Fri Aug 24, 2018 2:44 pm

Duel Flowchart


All duels take place over 3 rounds of combat regardless of whether you are in a skirmish or not. Both participants roll initiative at the beginning of a duel, at which point they enter the Center stance.

* Now that you have entered an Iaijutsu duel you may no longer take free actions. This means that anything requiring a free action to activate may not be used once a duel has started.

* As you are in initiative order your initiative-based techniques can apply. i.e. Kakita Bushi 2 applied to strike, Bayushi Bushi 1 can apply to TN.


Roll: Iaijutsu (Assessment)/Awareness

You are now in the first round of Center stance, therefore unless you are a Kenshinzen, you do not gain the center stance bonus to your Assessment roll. Both players roll against a TN = 10 + (Opponents Insight Rank * 5) to learn one piece of information about their opponent. Raises may be called for extra information. This is not a Contested roll, so the Heart of Vengeance bonus does not apply. Regardless of Raises called, if the total of one duelist's roll is higher than the other duelist's roll by 10 or more, they gain +1k1 to their focus roll (+2k2 if they have Iaijutsu 7).

*Only two basic schools offer a modifier to the Assessment roll. Mirumoto Bushi 2 adds + Kenjutsu skill. Sun Tao ronin 1 adds + Honour rank.*


Roll: Iaijutsu (Focus)/Void

During the focus stage your center stance bonus kicks in. Both duelists gain +1k1+[Void ring] to their roll. If you have Heart of Vengeance (Opponent's Clan) you gain +1k1 to your roll. If you have 5 skill ranks of Iaijutsu you gain +5 to the total of your roll. If your assessment was 10 or more higher than your opponent you gain +1k1 to your roll (+2k2 if you have Iaijutsu 7).

If you win the contested roll by at least 5 points then you get to strike first. For each additional increment of 5 you gain a Free Raise on your strike roll. If neither duelist wins by 5 or more the duel is a kharmic strike and both duelists will strike simultaneously.

*Kakita bushi 1 grants an additional bonus of +1k1+[School rank] to your focus roll. Mirumoto Bushi 2 grants +Kenjutsu skill to your focus roll. Sun Tao ronin 1 rants + Honor Rank to your focus roll.*


Roll: Iaijutsu (Strike)/Reflexes

During the strike phase your center stance bonus still applies. You may add +1k1+[Void ring] to either your strike roll or your damage roll. You roll vs your opponent's regular Armour TN to see if you hit them or not.

*Kakita bushi 1 rants an additional bonus of +1k1+[School rank] to their roll. Mirumoto Bushi 2 grants +Kenjutsu skill to your roll and you are assumed to get their daisho Armor bonus. Sun Tao ronin 1 grants + Honor Rank to your roll.*
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