Secrets in the Sun (D6, LM)

There are rumors of a location dedicated to the Fortune of Secrets within the Painted City, but naturally it is not so easy to find...
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Secrets in the Sun (D6, LM)

Post by Horiuchi Guo » Tue Sep 11, 2018 10:31 am

Still undecided as to the true nature and message of his vision Guo could not help but recall the seemingly well suited guidance he had received on his last visit to the shrine. That, combined with the fact that the other Fortunes seemed less suited for the issue, suggested a return visit was in order... if he could find the shrine again.

Although the kami watch over him their advice and guidance remains unneeded as he easily finds the path to the shrine, though he is certain it is not the one he took before. It felt a little strange to be coming during the day but surely the monks would point to the fact that, while secrets may oft be kept in shadow, they abound in all places and times.

With current matters on his mind the secret to part with was easy: That, while he regretted the cost he had paid, he would do it again without doubt if needed.
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