D8, LE - How Did I End Up Here?

No roads seem to lead to this famous (or infamous) building, despite being visible from anywhere in the city. Guards posted 'round-the-clock deal harshly with those who would still seek access.
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D8, LE - How Did I End Up Here?

Post by Julia » Sun Sep 16, 2018 4:51 pm

Julia decided to spend the time after sunset once again looking for the mysterious little temple she'd found the other day. While her search for information had had a lot of interesting leads, she wasn't having the easiest time piecing any of them together into any more of a coherent picture of who her father had been. Sure, signs were pointing towards him being one of the Scorpion who had been in the Burning Sands, but that was only the strongest possibility. And it didn't offer a lot of details.

Still, the temple eluded her, it's properties more than a match for any attempts by her memory or skills to find it. Instead, she somehow found herself outside a large walled building. She'd seen it from elsewhere in town, of course, but she'd never actually been here in her explorations of her city. How curious.
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