Final Business (D9, EM)

The centerpiece of the Merchant District is an open-air bazaar where almost anything can be found for sale...except, strangely, masks. Many small shrines and festival games have been set up here, in honor of the impending nuptials.
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Final Business (D9, EM)

Post by Horiuchi Guo » Wed Sep 19, 2018 5:16 pm

Although he was uncertain they would be happy with the results he had, indeed, done the word of their agreement. As such Guo made his way through the market where he had first met Fleet and sought to finish his business.

Remembering his vision the young shugenja is wary and keeps to the open and public spaces as he walks.
Unicorn Clan • Shugenja • Earth • Destined
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Carries: Robes, wakizashi, satchel of scrolls and amulets, plain sturdy bracelets on each wrist - two amulets hang from the one on the right

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