Chronicles of Naishou Timeline

A basic overview of the Naishou Province, including history, locations, and NPCs.
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Chronicles of Naishou Timeline

Post by Fukurokujin » Thu Feb 28, 2019 3:29 pm

(Derived from the note in Shadows over Naishou: Secret War, added to as needed)

Chapter One, Shadows Over Naishou: Dragon 9 - Serpent 8, 1168 (mid to late spring)

Topaz Championship and Paint the Town Red: Serpent 13 - 25, 1168 (late spring)

Chapter Two, The Secret War: Goat 21 - Monkey 7, 1168 (mid to late summer)

Tournament of Naishou's Favored: Mid-Rooster, 1168 (early fall)

Chapter Three, Winter Court: Naishou: Winter, 1168

One Hundred Stances, One Hundred Stories: Sometime in 1168, per this

Sapphire Ambassadors: TBD

Test of Champions: TBD
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