[Epilogue] Memories and a few more years (Kayama Shunsuke)

This is the old part of town, and the long life of Kudo as a village is clear here.
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[Epilogue] Memories and a few more years (Kayama Shunsuke)

Post by Kayama Shunsuke » Tue Jul 23, 2019 6:04 pm

He'd kicked the sandals off and taken a few steps into the riverbed, the soft mud under his feet, the river gently covering his feet and lapping against his ankles. It reminded him a bit of his childhood - which seemed so far away now. It was - but he'd lived all his life in Kudo, and made many memories here, good and bad.
He'd made more of these, recently. Felt strong emotions, colours. Frustration at not being able to figure out this rash of crime. Anxiety when he realized his very family might be part of it - anger when he realized they were right and his allies had found the Scorpion - and the fury, and vindication. Glory but also worry. So close, so very close...

"You know, Yato" he said, not looking back, but trusting his servant to be behind him and to the right, as he always was when the two went out on the town. A near silent companion. Shunsuke knew down to how the other man's gait was longer, and how he caught up step by step only to adjust and start lagging back again every now and then. "Sometimes, I think we should be happy to still be here."

He meant that, in more than just one sense. He loved this city, the river, the people...He also had his first really close shave. Maybe in the none to distant future, it wouldn't be enough. But he did feel reponsible for all of this, and he enjoyed the connection. Which is why today, after his daily rounds, he'd just grabbed his manservant and ventured down to the riverside market, the playground, if you so will, of his youth. Heh. Yato had been different back then, too.
So much so, in fact, that the parents of his dear Fuka had initially looked at him askance just based on the company he'd run with. Ah. Memories.

It felt like he had many of those, and that more of his life was behind him than ahead. Which was probably true, but something in the last few days had also made that prospect more bearable. His sons, while competent and all he could ask for, had never struck him as the future of the Kayama family - Michio was doing well for himself over in Shiro Usagi, but Kouki...was a good bushi, but not particularly imaginate. But his niece Hiromi had certainly proven her mettle, and he'd found a nice and capable husband for her as well. Ah, youth he thought, smiling.

The Kayama family seemed in good hands. Normally a cause for celebration, drinking sake and running up and down the waterfront, gorging on Oden and whistling at the woman, just like the old days. A crooked smile. But they were old men now, he and his trusted manservant, and truth be told both were still smarting from yesterday's drink and festivities. Old men indeed, moving cautiously, to eke out a few more years. He'd put it all on the line when he released that Scorpion - but then, he felt he owed it to himself, and maybe it was just him being old but not entirely cynical. Just one more chance for a young one to come into herself. Those for more years, all on the line - but maybe, just maybe, the Crane had understood, and she had not taken them from him as she could have.

A few more years.

It didn't sound to bad. Still smiling to himself, he took a few more steps into the soft mud and took in the scenery, the fishermen, the wheeling birds. A few more years. He could hardly wait.
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