[Epilogue] Victorious?

Home to the few samurai who call Kudo home on a permanent basis, as well as those establishments necessary for governing the town.
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[Epilogue] Victorious?

Post by Kitsune Yattsu » Wed Jul 24, 2019 2:00 pm

The new Fox's exit from Kudo is a swift one. Some of the guards even seem to be happy to help drag Yattsu's belongings out of the North Inn. There's a wince as one bumps the bird box against something. Good thing Shouta is sleeping off the feast he was given. Skittish bird.

Yattsu pets his newly acquired horse loaded with his gear. With his belongings. And he, and those, now belong to the Fox.

Some would say it would just be enough to not be treated as just another obstacle, and some would continue the life of a bandit regardless. But, for Yattsu, the blinders had been lifted a little, to reveal a world that was a little bigger than living hand to mouth.

Yattsu lifts himself onto the steed and starts trotting out, just taking a moment to steady himself. For once, his head is held high but there's a pensive expression on the Fox's face.

He'd won some, he'd lost some. And he'd been humbled in the course of following ambition.

Now what do the Fox say?

"Fall down seven times, stand up eight."
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