[Epilogue] Lessons learned

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[Epilogue] Lessons learned

Post by Saibankan » Wed Jul 31, 2019 6:00 am

Akodo Kaguya looked up from the ikebana display she was working on at the servant's question.

"Hm, no, Shiba-san is actually allergic to fish. There will need to be plenty of poultry on hand to make sure that we have the pleasure of his company at the dinners."

The servant bowed, and departed, and Kaguya returned to her work as she contemplated the lessons learned at Kudo.

First, there was gentle Bungeika-sensei. Under her carefully guided conversations, Kaguya had refined her conversation skills, along with her lord husband. While she was in no danger of out-talking a properly trained Doji courtier, she had gained some confidence in matters of small talk. She had long been taught that silence was the safer course, but it seemed that most people expected people to share the burden of conversation, unless they were exceptionally self-abosrbed. Even better, the practice conversations with her lord husband had given them a place where they could feel each other out on different topics, while still being able to fall back to the convenient excuse of training.

She weaved another branch in to the display.

And then there was vivacious Yasuki Aiyuri. Regret was a sin, yet Kaguya couldn't help but wonder what life would have been like if she had accepted those 'grappling lessons' on their first meeting. Aiyuri had been polite, but somewhat distant after that initial refusal. Had she made another offer, would Kaguya have refused? Still, it was the conversation about the need to keep oneself busy that truly resonated with Kaguya, a reflection of Akodo's own teachings on samurai never remaining idle. Aiyuri was always in motion, and in doing so nothing could slow her down for long. It was this sublte encouragement that led to the most important lessons.

She looked over the display. It needed one more dash of color she thought.

Her lord husband. He was a relentless one. She had worried that once his courtship had succeeded that he would move on to his next conquest. And yet instead, he insisted on taking her along with him, not as a convenient support, but as a true partner. Conversation lessons had led into archery lessons. When she finally spoke to him of her fears of being nothing more than a proper wife, he rebuffed the notion, and pushed her even harder. He arranged lessons with a proper Lion sensei so she might raise their children in the proper Lion fashion. He had pushed his uncle to allow her to run an official court in their new home which even now she was preparing for.

And then he was marching again. He was no creature of the courts, nor tournament performer. In his blood flowed the blood of warriors. Yet, even while he was gone, the letters came, as he continued to make sure that she knew that just as he had her support in all things, she had his support in all things. She knew that while there may come a day when the letters ceased, when Emma-O's spear plucked him from this world....she knew that in Emma-O's court, she would be by his side...as an equal.

Still, before that final court, there would be a first one, and Kaguya had more to prepare than just an ikebana display. She smiled slightly at the thought, having finally found her way.
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