Day Twelve

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Day Twelve

Post by Fukurokujin » Fri Jul 19, 2019 11:16 am

PCs receive 3 XP. This will apply for characters returning in future Naishou games; please note expenditures in your PF.

Day Twelve: Temperatures are on the cool end of seasonal, with light rain coming in on northwestern winds. The dominant element is Water. The waxing gibbous moon moves into the Tiger. Benten, Daikoku, Fukurokujin, and Kamoko are all in retrograde. Ebisu remains in the Dog.

Ichiro Ansho presides over court again at the Alliance House in the Late Morning. Those offered fealty might do well to attend.

A judicial duel is to take place at the Training Grounds in the Early Afternoon.

Some of you will have messages in your personal or factional private forums. Please do take a look.

Epilogues can begin anytime, now. And Q&A threads can, as well.

Most importantly,
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