[Epilogue] On the Road Again

The dirt roads of the town are surprisingly busy, bustling with merchants, travelers, and minor clan samurai.
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[Epilogue] On the Road Again

Post by Usagi Ginhiko » Tue Jul 23, 2019 9:13 pm

Well, it had been fun, but it was time to go.

She left a little note thanking Kimagurena for putting her up, tossed her meager belongings into her furoshiki, and hit the road.

In light of where she was headed next, it was time to actually visit Shiro Usagi and see if anybody there had suitable attire to lend her. Or at least someone to stitch up her best kimono a bit so it wouldn't look totally out of place.

The Imperial Winter Court.
In Naishou Province.
At the invitation of the Imperial Adviser by way of a Scorpion.


She hoped the monks would look in on Stonecup and that his family got back soon, because she wasn't sure if she could survive what lay ahead of her.

At least the bridge would be built, even if she had no idea how the Crab, Unicorn, and Crane efforts would fare.

So, in her usual fashion, leaving few serious personal ties and a considerable cloud of dust as she took off at a dead run, Usagi Ginhiko took her leave of Kudo.
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