[Lion's Epilogue] The Battle is Over, the Campaign Continues

Another newer part of town, the West District is easily accessed by ferry.
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[Lion's Epilogue] The Battle is Over, the Campaign Continues

Post by Akodo Shirosuke » Wed Jul 24, 2019 5:44 pm

Shirosuke sat on the veranda outside the Old Farmhouse Inn, sipping tea. He was dressed for travel, watching the folk of Kudo go about their business as the air began to change. A new season would come eventually, winter. With it the courts of Rokugan would make many changes. As a servant of the Empress, he hoped for good things, for cooperation and honor to stand tall. As a Lion though, there was a call for conflict in his heart. He resisted the sigh building within. The Lion looked down at his teacup, a stem had risen to the top. Merchants liked to say it was good luck, but it was simply shoddy quality control.

He placed the cup down. He was the same he supposed. A fortunate man, one who could see victory in defeat if necessary to move on, but in truth he had made an awful mess of things. Opening his mouth in court had done nothing but bring uncomfortable moments and seemed to wrought disapproval from his hosts. Then there was the bruise on his forearm. It had gone away some days ago, but he remembered the moment he got it. He had asked himself how...how could he have done something so stupid? Was it fate? Had a Fortune forced him to move in such a way performing a kata he had executed perfectly thousands of times so that another could succeed?

He continued watching the people. He had no reaction that would change anything, or make him feel any better or worse. He needed to move on. There were other matters he had done better in. He looked up. Above him, on the second floor, Kaguya was directing servants to pack their things. She took her duty seriously, he wouldn't demand she do any different. Yet he knew, he knew she wanted more. Her father had done her wrong, honorable man or not, and Shirosuke wouldn't walk down the same path. it wasn't his place to restrict or control her, if he could continue to encourage her, she might one day tell him what she really wanted.

That would make him happy.

There was a future there, he was sure of it. Though now they would return home, and he had to reflect on the past a little before looking forward. He had to visit his family shrine, pray at the graves of his parents...and Rin's. He sighed. He wasn't supposed to be governor. She was so much smarter than him, more charming--she always knew what to say. He had been ready to be her enacted will, since the sickness crippled her strength...but she was to lead the province. Not him.

His mind wandered to old memories, but before the pictures could take true form he was called.


He saw Yoriyoshi in the distance, and returned the hohei's bow with a nod. Shiro watched him leave, on his way out of town. He smirked, thinking of how things could have gone for him, had he been in Yoriyoshi's position. It made him shake his head. He needed to be more grateful for what he had.

"Lord husband", he heard Kaguya's soft, even-tempered voice from behind him then. He smiled, it must be time to go.
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