[Epilogue] Final report

A temple to Inari, Fortune of Rice and de facto patron of Kudo, sits atop a hill on the west bank of the River of Gold.
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[Epilogue] Final report

Post by Isawa Sora » Wed Jul 24, 2019 1:08 pm

Sora was ready to depart. His meager possessions were packed, his anonymous traveler coat hanging, his walking pole steady. He would return to the Phoenix as he came, through the pilgrim route, walking tirelessly for weeks across half an empire. About a month without ties that bind, well welcomed solitude after those two two weeks.

One duty remains. A final report, to be sent to his masters through quicker routes.

The brush hung up in the air. He wasn't sure how to begin. The results of the tournament? Economical and political opportunities?

Screw that. If they had wanted a balance sheet of events, they would have sent a bookkeeper, not a priest.

Kudo is flow.

It changes constantly, with each passing moment. A city who has yet to adopt a definite form for an alliance who is still searching for its own harmony.

Great clans samurai cannot truly fathom it. We are like big rocks in a brook here, the current breaks on us but continues its course after us regardless, leaving us soaked but not pervaded.

I'm not sure even members of the Alliance get what is happening within these walls. It seems you have to be a woman or a man of the wave to become one with the flow and understand it. Maybe that's why Kudo has so many ronins, why they occupy so many important positions, and are so quick to be officially adopted. This is their city, Nanashi Mura with a name. They come, they rise with the tide, they are birthed anew, while the weight of our obligations keep us rooted in the ground.

For us of the seven plus one, change here is more akin to erosion. We are washed again and again until we take a new form.

Better? Worst?

Depends from the point of view.


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