(Day 14, Late Morning) Now is the Time That We Must Part

Though technically unaligned and administered by the Seppun, the Hundred Stances Dojo and rumors of its secret texts and techniques have drawn the attention of all clans, great and minor.
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Re: (Day 14, Late Morning) Now is the Time That We Must Part

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When it was his turn Kentaro stepped up to receive his daisho and accept the mantle of adulthood and responsibility. The absence by his side was glaring to him and the lack of his clanmate was felt, he hadn't been close to her particularly but he had taken a bit of a liking to the fiery Crab. He understood her reasons for leaving but he wished it hadn't gone down the way it did.

Regardless what happened, happened and that was the past. Today Kentaro drew himself up using every inch of impressive stature and bowed as he accepted his daisho with a deep bow and as he rose up a most unbecoming smile spread across his lips, a brazen expression of emotion. For the past few days the large Crab boy had become more scarce and when people saw him for lessons he was withdrawn and almost haggard looking, perhaps ill. Today that heaviness was burned away by a pure happiness and pride. He may not have been the best but he had made it.

"Thank you Honored sensei and fellow students!" the large Crab's voice boomed out, confidence and pride lending it a base to more reflect what it would become one day "I am Hida Hiroki! I give my life and my strength to guard the empire as my ancestors have since the days of Great Hida-no-Kami!"

Beside the daisho another weapon was presented to him one of impeccable craftsmanship. A large tetsubo, the strongest of wood reinforced with steel and studded for more damage. The steel was etched with designs of great battles of legend, Hida beheading the great Orochi, and defeating Kabuto no Oni among others. Kentaro, no, Hiroki grinned as he felt the sure weight of the great weapon and bowed again accepting it. He turned and took the weapons back to his spot a smile on his face ready to embrace the future.
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Re: (Day 14, Late Morning) Now is the Time That We Must Part

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The Tamori shows for the ceremony with his long hair tied neatly. His clothes, although still much simpler than those worn by many of the others, are also arranged carefully, the Dragon, Mirumoto and Tamori mons showing in different parts of his gi.

He hears Osokawa's opening speech with a quiet smile, but his face soon changes as Hiruma Eriko calls Kentaro as the single Crab student. The silence and absence that follow weigh heavily on him, his eyes drop to the floor, and the smile is gone from his face for the most part of the rest of the event.

Still, he nods, bows, waves and applauds his colleagues as they stepped forward - perhaps a bit more emphatic for some of them, whom he would have no trouble calling 'friends' going forward.
Mirumoto Saiko wrote: Sat Apr 10, 2021 6:14 am Mirumoto Saiko steps forward to present the Dragon students with their symbols of adulthood, sneaking a smile to Tamori Kazunosuke as he collects his.
After Tobi stepped forward to become Kakita Miki, he joined Kai and the little seen Togashi and went ahead as well. Kai was the first to accept the blades, also shedding his childhood name to become Mirumoto Kage. After the Togashi took her blades, he knelt down respectfully before Saiko, a quick smile flashed her way in answer to her own. He took the single sword Iyoka-sensei had given them that still hung from his obi, carefully placed it before her, and only then took the Daisho she presented.

The swords seem to feel natural - 'as if extensions of his self', he thought with another slight smile as he remembered Iyoka-sensei and Katsuragi-sensei's words. Despite the difficulties faced during the last days - or perhaps in part even because of them - that feeling made him feel more certain that he had, in fact, become an adult.

"It is an honour to receive my swords here among valued sensei, senpai, colleagues... and friends", he said, bowing to Saiko again, then to the sensei and the others in the room. His face still had a gentle smile, even though his eyes seemed somewhat heavy. "This one..." he started, then paused, a minor grin showing at the edge of his mouth. "... I", he corrected himself, remembering the angry voice of his absent friend when he 'referred to himself in the third person', as she said. "will honour the choice made by the alchemist Tamori Himura and the Yamabushi Tamori Yuzuriha, my parents, who named their child after the peace they sought to see in the wake of years and years of war. I can only hope to strive to mediate for and defend the peace they wished as I serve my clan and the Empire dutifully as Tamori Kazunosuke".

After returning, he shot an encouraging nod at Ameiko when Otomo Gaitsu named her as his chosen Yojimbo - You had said you'd be there, ne, Bayushi-san, he thought with a small grin - and applauded Akihime, perhaps slightly surprised, when Shotsune named her as her chosen student.

He did feel there were some things worth discussing with the master sensei... but he wondered if he could get a chance, with all that had happened.

Maybe. Maybe not. One way or another... important things lay in the future, for the Dojo and for these new samurai.

Including one who saw adulthood reach her on the road...

Life is like the river, he thought again, closing his eyes for a moment before turning his attention back to the celebration.
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