Day 13 (7 April - 9 April)

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Day 13 (7 April - 9 April)

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Yesterday's storms have passed, giving us a mostly sunny day. High in the mid-60s, winds NNW at 6 mph. Sunrise at 05:39, sunset at 18:24. Moon rises at 03:18, sets at 13:43.

Dominant Element: Earth

Potential Threads
Late Morning, Oshiro's Shrine: Shrine Service FINAL
Late Morning, The Minor Dojo: SPECIAL Communal Class (All may attend, counts as attending Advanced Class if your character has qualified for one)
Late Morning, The Courtyard: Courtyard Chatter FINAL
Early Afternoon, The Library: Isawa Korihime's Study Circle FINAL
Early Afternoon, Guests' Quarters: Ars Gratia Artis FINAL
Late Afternoon, The Armory: Forging Destiny FINAL
Early Evening, Guests' Quarters: Otomo Observation FINAL

Other Threads of Import
Early Morning, The Dojo: Did We Do the Right Thing?
Early Morning, The Watchtower: (Guard Room) Family Reunion

-"Well, I can't really say she's wrong - Hida Jiaying, that is. A lot of people died because of Makiko and that guy, and we're just taking her into custody and letting him go?"
-"I think the leadership was a little concerned about reinforcements and retaliation."
-"Hiruma Eriko-san did say that it would take far more than one to control an entire village full of people."
-"Meanwhile, the nearest reinforcements for us are a day's march away, best case scenario..."

-"Those kids we were seeing out in the fields? They're these rat-things, apparently."
-"Nezumi? We haven't seen any of them around these parts in...a couple of years would be my guess."
-"Why have they returned now?"

-"It seems like just yesterday all these young students arrived..."
-"...and tomorrow they become full samurai and set off again."
-"I might just miss them. Maybe. Well, ask me again next week, and we'll see how I feel then."
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