Day 12 (4 April - 6 April)

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Day 12 (4 April - 6 April)

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Thunderstorms wreak havoc over the plains surrounding the Hundred Stances Dojo, with torrential rains accompanied by winds of up to 15 mph. These storms let up in the evening, replaced by much lighter rain and winds. Sunrise (though unable to be seen due to dense cloud cover) is at 05:43, sunset at 18:22. The moon rises at 00:46, setting at 10:35.

Dominant element: Chaotic (if it is mechanically necessary for anything, roll a d4; 1 = Air, 2 = Earth, 3 = Fire, 4 = Water)

Threads of Import

Due to the extreme weather and concern regarding the morning's duel, most activities are canceled for the day.

The Dojo, Late Evening: Cutting the Ties of Blood

Posting Other Day 12 Threads

Feel free to post your own threads throughout Day 12 - I've set the duel to take place during the last time slot of the day to make sure that the majority of it is unaffected by the result. Several of you have gotten some leads on side plots and quests to take place over the last few days of the event (or to guide your characters' development before their next appearance), so those might be worth looking into while your regular classes are canceled...
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