Day 11 (1 April - 3 April)

Daily updates regarding events of interest and other developments at the Hundred Stances Dojo can be found here.
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Day 11 (1 April - 3 April)

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Mostly sunny, with a continuing warming trend; high in the low 70s. Cloud cover increases dramatically after sunset. The air is very dry today, so be sure to keep hydrated. Winds have turned NNE at 7 mph with gusts of up to 13 mph. Sunrise at 05:47, sunset at 18:19. Moon rises at 22:29, sets at 08:48 tomorrow morning (Day 12).

Dominant Element: Fire.

Potential Threads during the Siege of Hundred Stances Dojo

Potential threads will work a little differently during the siege, since naturally no one's holding classes or other gatherings while the dojo is under attack. There will be nine threads, each associated with a different Trait or Void, that will effectively be active throughout the day - you can make a Potential roll in a single thread of your choice, which will not take up a time slot. The Potential rolls in these threads will be raw Trait or Void rolls with a TN of 5 (10 if your Family and School bonuses stacked for the Trait in question), with characters gaining a point of Potential for success, plus one additional point per called Raise.

Normal threads can still be posted, using the standard time slots.

Reflexes: Secure the Guests (Guests' Quarters)
Awareness: Rally the Troops (Courtyard)
Stamina: Hold the Gate (Watchtower)
Willpower: Last Line of Defense (The Dojo)
Agility: Hide Important Texts (The Library)
Intelligence: Shore Up Defenses (The Armory)
Strength: Run Supplies (The Restaurant)
Perception: Direct Student Efforts (The Minor Dojo)
Void: Weave Wards (Oshiro's Shrine)

Side Threads
The Watchtower, Early Morning: A Statement of Intent
The Watchtower, Late Morning: Battle is Joined
The Courtyard, Early Afternoon: The Fighting Spreads
The Minor Dojo, Late Afternoon: An Enemy Unmasked
The Dojo, Early Evening: The Second Challenge
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