Day 10 (29 March - 31 March)

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Day 10 (29 March - 31 March)

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A few clouds early, but these pass quickly to give us another sunny day. Temperatures continue an upward trend, with a high in the upper 60s. Winds are relatively calm, SW at 7 mph with gusts of up to 12 mph. Sunrise is at 05:51, sunset at 18:17. The moon will rise at 18:51, setting tomorrow (Day 11) at 06:49.

Dominant Element: Fire.

Potential Threads

Late Morning, Oshiro's Shrine: Shrine Service 9
Basic Training is canceled today, as there's no one left attending it.
Late Morning, The Minor Dojo: Live Steel 9 (Mirumoto Iyoka's advanced class)
Late Morning, The Minor Dojo: Watch and Learn 9 (Shiba Danji's advanced class)
Late Morning, The Minor Dojo: How Not to Be Seen 9 (Bayushi Suke's advanced class)
Late Morning, The Courtyard: Courtyard Chatter 10
Early Afternoon, The Library: Isawa Korihime's Study Circle 10
Early Afternoon, Guests' Quarters: Ars Gratia Artis 10
Late Afternoon, The Armory: Forging Destiny 10
Early Evening, Guests' Quarters: Otomo Observation 10

Special Threads/Events

Late Evening, The Watchtower: Sound the Alarm! (side-thread, non-interactive)


-"I'm starting to reconsider my position on this 'tabi skating' thing. It's starting to sound less like a trick, and...I don't know, it just seems like it might be fun?"
-"We could certainly use some of that around here. Things are getting too serious, you know?"

-"Bentoishi's got us breaking out the hard trail rations. Looks like we've got tough times ahead."
-"Weren't we supposed to be bringing in a shipment? What happened to the team that got sent out to do that?"
-"You've got me... I've asked around, and it seems like they didn't make it back."
-"What, none of them? The whole crew...just gone?"

-"I think the guards up on the tower are starting to lose it a bit. They keep saying they see kids running around through the tall grass on the plain."
-"Maybe some of the students playing a prank?"
-"Normally I'd agree, but as tight as everything's been locked down, I doubt any of them could get out of the compound without getting spotted."
-"Then it's probably just the long hours. Spend too much time up there looking at nothing, and you're sure to start seeing things."

-"Still no light around Roaring Thunder. Something's gone terribly wrong, I just know it..."
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