Day 8 (23 March - 25 March)

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Day 8 (23 March - 25 March)

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The sun'll come! The skies are clear at last, although temperatures remain low with a high in the mid-50s. In sharp contrast to the last two days, the air is extremely dry, so make sure to keep yourselves hydrated during practice and other activities. Winds are WSW at 7 mph, with gusts of up to 12 mph. Sunrise is at 05:59, sunset at 18:12. The moon rises at 12:09 and does not set until 03:07 tomorrow morning (Day 9)

Potential Threads

Late Morning, Oshiro's Shrine: Shrine Service 7
Late Morning, The Minor Dojo: Basic Training 8
Late Morning, The Minor Dojo: Live Steel 7 (Mirumoto Iyoka's advanced class)
Late Morning, The Minor Dojo: Watch and Learn 7 (Shiba Danji's advanced class)
Late Morning, The Minor Dojo: How Not to Be Seen 7 (Bayushi Suke's advanced class)
Late Morning, The Courtyard: Courtyard Chatter 8
Early Afternoon, The Library: Isawa Korihime's Study Circle 8
Early Afternoon, Guests' Quarters: Ars Gratia Artis 8
Late Afternoon, The Armory: Forging Destiny 8
Early Evening, Guests' Quarters: Otomo Observation 8

Special Threads/Events

Early Morning, The Watchtower: Expedition, Advance! (Non-interactive side event)
All Day, The Restaurant: I Smell a Rat

-"The guards at the tower said they saw a large fire around Roaring Thunder Village?"
-"They did indeed."
-"That doesn't bode well for today's resupply expedition. What are we supposed to do if all of their food stores went up in smoke?"
-"We hope that the dried fish and hard rations can keep us going - they weren't as ravaged as the grains were."

-"So there was this ghost, right?"
-"So they say."
-"And she was looking for her baby, yeah?"
-"That's about the size of it."
-"And that baby was Makiko...and her father was a Crane on musha shugyo, who's now dead?"
-"So, when did we start living in one of Shosuro Hotaka's opium-fever dreams disguised as plays?"

-"Someone is trying very, very hard to push some 'tabi skating' rumor."
-"Probably a trap set by one or another of the sensei, trying to catch students who are slacking off instead of practicing."
-"You said it. If I were a student, I wouldn't set foot anywhere near something like that."

-"Wait, didn't the reports say Makiko had an older brother, in addition to the younger legitimate sister?"
-"Yeah, I think she did say something to that effect."
-"Then...who's the older brother? If their father's dead, I can't imagine he'll stay hidden for long."
-"That's assuming he knows that he's the older brother from Makiko's story. He probably wouldn't. Maybe."
-"Come on! The way things are going, he's probably right here at the dojo, too, just waiting for the right moment!"
-"You need to lay off the sappy pillow books. Or the sake. Probably both."
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