Big Winners' Thread!

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Big Winners' Thread!

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Thanks in no small part to a masterfully-placed bet in the Makiko/Ryotaru duel, Otomo Akihime takes it all, gaining the opportunity to study with Kakita Shotsune. She will gain a rank of the Fame advantage as well as Great Potential: Kenjutsu!

Otomo Gaitsu's search for a yojimbo has ended, and he has chosen Bayushi Airi! Airi will gain a rank of Social Position...but also a 3-point Obligation to Otomo Gaitsu, since she's now his yojimbo...

Members of Mirumoto Iyoka's "Live Steel" course will gain either the Strength of the Earth advantage or a Mastery Level 3 kata or kiho (as appropriate for their school) of their choice, to be gained as soon as they qualify for it. These characters are: Mirumoto Kai, Tamori Kazunosuke, Akodo Taizo, and Otomo Yuuma.

Members of Shiba Danji's "Watch and Learn" course will gain either the Clear Thinker advantage or an appropriate Mastery Level 3 kata or kiho of their choice. These characters are: Akodo Yo and Matsu Yuuka.

Members of Bayushi Suke's "How Not to be Seen" course will gain either the Crafty advantage or an appropriate Mastery Level 3 kata or kiho of their choice. These characters are: Shiba Jiro and Bayushi Airi.

Members of Kakita Osatsu's art class will gain the Soul of Artistry: Artisan advantage. These characters are: Kakita Tobi, Shosuro Katsumi, Otomo Akihime, Otomo Yuuma, and Tonbo Masayoshi.

Members of Isawa Korihime's class will gain the Sage advantage as a reward for both their diligent research and for putting up with her. These characters are: Hida Jiaying, Mirumoto Kai, Tamori Kazunosuke, Isawa Iaie, Shiba Jiro, Akodo Taizo, Akodo Yo, Matsu Yuuka, Bayushi Airi, and Horiuchi Hatsu.

Characters who successfully passed Miya Haike's challenge and will gain Inheritance (any weapon or ceremonial armor - bonus applies to Courtier or Intimidation, player's choice) are: Hida Jiaying, Hida Kentaro, Tamori Kazunosuke, Shiba Jiro, Bayushi Airi, Otomo Akihime, and Otomo Yuuma.
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