Kyuden Shika PBP Registration is open!

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Kyuden Shika PBP Registration is open!

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Kyuden Shika is now open for character submissions! This is a forum-based, fifth edition Legend of the Five Rings role playing game. It is set in the current timeline of 5e with an aging Emperor, a dead Emerald Champion, and problems plaguing the Empire from the mundane to the mystical.

Meanwhile, the Deer clan are holding a miai in their ancestral halls, hoping to forge ties between the clans that might stave off the worst of the coming chaos. Will the resulting matches bring the Empire into harmony, or simply cause even more heartache?

If you’re new to fifth edition, new to l5R or new to forum rpgs in general, we’re open to new players and willing to help them out. 5e veteran? Come roleplay in this interpretation of fifth edition with a plethora of homebrew minor clans such as the Cat, Moth, Otter, and Sparrow.

Registration is open now, Official Day 1 start is August the 1st, and will run for a little under six weeks. Grab your daisho and come honor us with your presence!
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