(Day 11, Early Morning) A Statement of Intent

The rumored secret texts and techniques kept within the Hundred Stances Dojo makes it a tempting target for military action in times of war, so a tower was built to watch for signs of impending attacks.
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(Day 11, Early Morning) A Statement of Intent

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"Sempai, there's movement in the enemy camp!" exclaims Seppun Takesane. Indeed, a small detachment of troops - mostly ashigaru, by the look of it, but with a ronin leading them - have left the encampment and begun marching toward the dojo's main gates. "It's too small to be an attacking force...maybe they're not hostile?"

"Put those hopes away now," Seppun Iemoro says, shaking his head as he joins his junior to watch the approaching party. "If it were just an otokodate camped out on the way to somewhere else, there'd be a lot fewer of them, and they wouldn't be bearing arms coming in like they are. Those ashigaru have got spears ready. Do you see any banners? Anything that might tell us who they are?"

Takesane shakes his head sadly. "Not a thing. If you're right - and I'm sure you are - they'd probably not want to be identified. That ronin's holding something, though...what is it?"

The ronin is, as the younger Seppun noted, carrying a small bag. The party stops just outside the range of defending archers and waits for a moment, as if trying to stare down the whole dojo. Then, with a rough gesture, the ronin signals for one of the ashigaru spearmen to advance, planting his spear in the ground a few steps ahead of the group. The ronin then strides forward confidently, reaching into the bag to produce an object that he then spikes on the end of the planted spear...

...the head of the lead Seppun guardsman sent along with the supply caravan two days ago.

The enemy group then turns without uttering a sound and marches back toward their camp.

All is quiet for a time, as the defenders find themselves shaken by the grotesque display.

"Well," says Iemoro after a moment, "I guess we know what they intend..."
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