(Day 10, Late Evening) Sound the Alarm!

The rumored secret texts and techniques kept within the Hundred Stances Dojo makes it a tempting target for military action in times of war, so a tower was built to watch for signs of impending attacks.
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(Day 10, Late Evening) Sound the Alarm!

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It's very, very late in the Late Evening when Seppun Iemoro is roughly awakened by the boot of Seppun Takesane.

"Ow, ow! I'm awake, dammit!" he says, glaring at the younger guardsman. "I've been up on this tower for nearly nine hours now, and I've still got another three to go before my shift's over. I think I deserve a little nap, especially since it's been so quiet."

Takesane shakes his head, displaying increasing disillusionment with Iemoro's leadership and work ethic. "That's just it, Sempai, it's not quiet anymore. Come look," he says, gesturing toward the tower's east side.

"What more phantom kids running around?" Iemoro asks. "Don't tell me you buy that stuff. We're so far out, there's no way that any kids could get here on there own, and I'm sure it's not any of the brats...er, students we've got inside the walls. There's no one out there."

"Yes there are!" says Takesane, exasperated. "If you'd come over and look, you'd see..."

"Alright, alright," interrupts Iemoro as he pulls himself out of his makeshift futon and heads over to take a look. He squints as he peers out over the long road that leads to Roaring Thunder Village. "What's that, light down there? Well, I guess Roaring Thunder's got themselves worked out, then..."

"It's not the village," pleads Takesane as Iemoro turns to head back to his nap. "It's too close - way too close. It's got to be people on the road."

"The supply caravan?" asks Iemoro.

Takesane shakes his head. "There's too many of them. Unless they're carrying a ridiculous amount of light with them, I'd say it's got to be...three, maybe four times the size of the caravan."

The younger Seppun turns his gaze from the gathered torches to his commander, who for the first time since Takesane got this assignment seems totally awake and sober as he rushes back to the eastern lookout.

"They'll have stopped for the night, but that's only about...three hours away, I'd say," mutters Iemoro. He turns to Takesane and begins barking orders, finally beginning to seem like the commander he's supposed to be. "Sound the alarm, and notify the administrator!"

"Wha...wait, what's going on?" asks Takesane, caught by surprise by this sudden change in Iemoro's character.

"That's a military encampment, man! They'll be here by the morning! Now, get moving!"
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