(Day 8, Early Morning) Expedition, Advance!

The rumored secret texts and techniques kept within the Hundred Stances Dojo makes it a tempting target for military action in times of war, so a tower was built to watch for signs of impending attacks.
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(Day 8, Early Morning) Expedition, Advance!

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A train of servants gathers at the main gate, a Seppun escort taking up position around them.

"We're told that there seems to have been a fire at Roaring Thunder Village late last night," says Seppun Osokawa, addressing the gathered travelers, "so it may be that there will be little that survives of their own stores. Take what they can give, but also do what you can to help with the initial recovery efforts. That village is the only lifeline this dojo has, remote as it is, so we cannot lose it. I expect at least some of you to return shortly after mid-day tomorrow with a report on the conditions, so that we might begin planning and identifying what we will need to request from other settlements in the region."

She and her entourage bow as the supply train sets out...
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