[Day 11, Late Morning] Begun in Earnest (Open)

While it is used for overflow training space (as is nearly any other unoccupied area within the complex), a large courtyard provides room for walks, semi-private conversation, and meditation.
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[Day 11, Late Morning] Begun in Earnest (Open)

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Jiro had been making his way toward the restaurant when the attack had begun in earnest.

The young Phoenix did his best to stay out of anyone's way, and took a curious look as one of the Seppun guardsmen fell to the ground with an arrow in his back.

And just like that. Hm.

He ran toward the lee side of the wall- after all, if the enemy were loosing arrows over the walls, then it made sense that the safest place to be was in the shade of those same walls- at least as long as the gate held.

He looked at the dead man. His first.

I wonder what your name was? Should someone get his daisho? I mean, it likely won't matter if the defenses fail, but you can never be sure...

Hm. Is this shock? Am I going to start feeling it all soon?
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