[Day 10, Early Evening] Go to School (Open)

Open throughout the day rather than only at specific mealtimes, the peasant chef Bentoishi prides himself on his establishment's ability to provide quality nutrition to the dojo's students, visitors, and staff.
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[Day 10, Early Evening] Go to School (Open)

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Jiro had taken care with his rations, and had, once again, bowed to Bentoishi in thanks, and now... it was time for a variation on a theme.

He had his goban out, as usual, but while waiting for an opponent, he had another activity.... he laid out a simple piece of paper, elegantly inscribed:
Otomo Akihime wrote: Thu Mar 11, 2021 2:06 am 義は山嶽よりも重く死は鴻毛よりも軽し
Making use of a borrowed writing kit from the library and some scraps of paper, Jiro was working on copying the phrase, practicing his calligraphy as he waited.
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