(Day 11, Agility) Hide Important Texts

While primarily a place for warriors, the Hundred Stances dojo is not lacking a quiet space for the training of the mind. While the dojo's secret texts cannot be found here, treatises on kenjutsu and other topics (notably history, poetry, theatre, and theology) are curated by Seppun Kurou, a helpful and cheerful shugenja.
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Seppun Kurou
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(Day 11, Agility) Hide Important Texts

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For the first time that any students present can recall, Seppun Kurou flings open the door that separates the main library from the restricted reading room, in which rare scrolls and books of great importance to the Hundred Stances Dojo are kept.

"Come now, children, come now, each of you take as many as you can carry," he says, guiding the students into the restricted room. "Then, find a safe place for them - somewhere the enemy will not find them - and conceal them as best you can. We will preserve the knowledge these texts hold in safe keeping until these ruffians can be driven away. They may take everything else, but they will not have my library!"
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Shosuro Katsumi
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Re: (Day 11, Agility) Hide Important Texts

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Restricted reading materials, open for students? Well, it wasn't exactly true, but it was too good not to help with. And if some should be "lost"... well, the Scorpion would surely cover for him.

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Re: (Day 11, Agility) Hide Important Texts

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Airi also had a thought about secret texts suddenly open to students, and the idea that helping out was part of her responsibility was important as well. She went to the library to grab what she could, helping the Isawa as she had nearly every day of her time at the dojo.

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