(Day 11, Intelligence) Shore Up Defenses

While primarily a kenjutsu dojo, the armory can see to the repair and maintenance of all types of weapons and armor, all under the watchful eye of master armorer Miya Haike.
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Miya Haike
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(Day 11, Intelligence) Shore Up Defenses

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Miya Haike roughly clears a workspace of gathered scrap and works-in-progress and unfurls a scroll, revealed to be a blueprint for the dojo compound. Grabbing a bit of charcoal, he begins marking a number of locations on the map, then looks up to the students who have gathered to assist him.

"These are the locations Bentoishi noted were weakened while he was searching for the source of his rat problem," he says. "Well, we've got a problem that's a little bigger than rats, but they'll gladly use the same weaknesses to break through and ruin things worse than any pint-sized rodent could ever hope to do. Take anything you need from the armory, here, and get to these spots and reinforce them in any way you can manage. It doesn't have to be pretty, it just needs to work, got it? OK, let's go!"
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Re: (Day 11, Intelligence) Shore Up Defenses

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It was only natural for the engineering student to be here, ready to help reinforce any weak spots. Though matters today weren't a game played by others students. If your fort failed today, there wouldn't be your peers laughing at you for coming up with such a shitty design. It would be worse, but for a Crab who knew she'd likely die under siege one of these days, she was almost calm as she looked over the blueprint, noting each and every one of the weakened areas. It helped when the voice nagging her at every moment was now only cheering her on to beat back the horde.

"We'll get it done, Miya-sensei." The words were quick, but firm. Then without hesitation, she grabbed a few tools and what supplies she thought she'd need before rushing out to work.

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