(Day 13, Early Evening) Otomo Observation FINAL

Guests of particular importance - from high-profile visitors and observers to challengers for the sensei's office - are housed separately from the dojo's students. A neutral meeting area is also found here, for those who seek to conduct their affairs away from the often-noisy dojo.
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Otomo Gaitsu
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(Day 13, Early Evening) Otomo Observation FINAL

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"Well, this will be the last time we gather like this, so too will it be the last chance to show me the skills that you have developed since arriving here," says Otomo Gaitsu. "Tomorrow at the ceremony I will be announcing my selection for my next yojimbo. Best of luck to all of you. Now, let's see what you can show me..."
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Bayushi Airi
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Re: (Day 13, Early Evening) Otomo Observation FINAL

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"It would be an honor, Otomo-sama", Airi stated demurely, offering none of her coarse bravado and simply smiling like a little girl should.

Her kenjutsu as usual was on point. No one would ever question that. Even her Iaijutsu, as she had been off and on, showed up as well. Though most importantly, she handled herself in a proper, inoffensive manner. Holding conversation and laughing when it was time to laugh, smiling when time to smile, teasing when it was time to tease and serious when required of her due to the situation.

It seemed she'd learned a thing or two. She didn't seem to wonder if it would be enough and simply enjoyed herself.

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Akodo Taizo
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Re: (Day 13, Early Evening) Otomo Observation FINAL

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"Of course, Otomo-sama," Taizo says, bowing sharply and precisely, letting that attest to his sense of decorum and propriety. As with hie efforts earlier in the day, his performances in kenjutsu and defense are adequate but no more, and certainly not up to his earlier standards of performance.

Today, however, he does well in the High Art, exceedingly so. And that, at least, is something in which to take some pride as he moves forward, even if he knows that he will not be the one selected to serve Gaitsu.

Likely for the best, though, he thinks as he resumes his position and watches to see if any others will make a final attempt. I do not know that the places he is likely to go are places I want to go.

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Akodo Yo
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Re: (Day 13, Early Evening) Otomo Observation FINAL

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Yo bowed to the Otomo, prepared to give his final performance. it was not impossible for him to succeed if the Heaven's shone upon his cause....but if it was not meant to be, it was not meant to be. The Otomo he had met at the dojo were......definitely different. Honorable service among the Lion was good enough for Yo. What mattered now was showcasing the talents his talented sensei had drilled in to him. That was the measure that he truly cared about.

Scores to beat: Kenjutsu 29, Defense 25, Iaijutsu 37

Still, the events of the previous day, weighed heavily upon his and slowed his blade:

Agi/Ken: 17 vs 10, Pass

And while his defense was certainly better than his first day, he did not raise himself above Very solid:

Ref/Def: 23 vs 10 Pass

Following Taizo's example, he decided to try one final demonstration of iaijutsu.

But the serenity of the moment eluded him.

Void/Iaijutsu 9 vs 10, Fail

It wasn't going to win the Otomo's praise, but Yo had found purpose in these trials, and he would continue to improve.

He bowed once more to the Otomo, his demonstration completed.
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