D13 EE - A letter to write (closed, vignette)

As the dojo is some distance from the nearest settlement, students are boarded on site. Two large rooms have been set up as barracks - one for men, the other for women - where all but the dojo's staff and the most prestigious of visitors are housed.
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D13 EE - A letter to write (closed, vignette)

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It was time.

Based on the fallout of yesterday he saw three potential divides - the Crab and the Empire, the Crab and the Crane, and finally, the Empire against Shotsune. Unfortunately, a Seppun had okayed the decision by proxy, which made the entire thing a grand mess.

That said, there was still work to be done, still wrongs to be righted. Even if it was messy, it would still need to be done. To do so, he recalled Hida Jiaying's word, and to the Hida Daimyo, wrote her case - in particular, why she should be. If that case happened to include the gigantic cult which seemed to appear, a possible possession and whatever diabolical information Tamori Kazunosuke told him - well, who was he to argue?

Sincerity (as discussed with the GM prior), void for +1k1: result 32

He made two copies: One to be sent to the Hida Daimyo, and one extra in case he need inform someone else of what occurred.

When the time was right to dispatch them, he would.
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