[Day 11, Early Morning] At Dawn We Slept (Open)

As the dojo is some distance from the nearest settlement, students are boarded on site. Two large rooms have been set up as barracks - one for men, the other for women - where all but the dojo's staff and the most prestigious of visitors are housed.
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[Day 11, Early Morning] At Dawn We Slept (Open)

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It had not been a particularly restful night, and Jiro woke a bit later than he normally did.

Judging by the commotion, whoever had marched up the night before had gone and made a bit of a mess.

Funny, now that I'm awake, I'm a lot less worried.

He carefully wrapped everything up in a furoshiki- just in case they had to run- and then fished out a piece of dried fish he'd saved from the night before.

Not particularly hungry, he set about eating it anyway.

He had a feeling he'd need his strength today, even if just to leg it over the countryside.
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