The PCs

Post a description of your character in the PC Cast thread, and check out the list of NPCs present in the city for Winter Court.
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Hida Yoshihime
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Re: The PCs

Post by Hida Yoshihime »

Name: Hida Yoshihime
Gender: Female
Clan: Crab
Occupation: Bushi
Age: 24
Martial Status: Widowed
Build: Large
Height: 6'4"
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown

Yoshihime is a tower of a woman; a tower decorated with bright silk cut in unusual designs. Imagine clothing designed by an engineer with a Crane's eye for beauty and a bushi's pragmatism and you won't be far off. There is always a proper fan tucked into her obi opposite her daisho. The weapons of court and war, always at hand.

Despite this, there is something disarming about the woman. Few would guess that she was the proverbial runt of the litter, a small and sickly child. Some of the quiet and observing patience of those days remains in her core, a calm pool that sets some at ease. She's known in a few courts from her years following her aunt, Yasuki Mayumi through the courts in those younger years, so older courtiers may remember 'wee Nichiko' from those days.

These days, she spends far more time on and beyond the Wall than within the walls of court. But this winter she's been sent to use all her skills to win the resources the Crab need for their unending battle...and maybe pick up a few spouses for family members in the process.
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Re: The PCs

Post by Teika »

Name: Teika
Gender: Male
Clan: None
Occupation: Courtier, Performer
Age: 18
Martial Status: Single
Build: Waifish
Height: 5' 0"
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown

A pretty little ronin, politely yet quietly spoken. In service to the Crane, specifically Daidoji Hiroaki-sama, which probably explains why he has decent clothes and more than one set of. Unless you're a Crane you really wouldn't know anything about him.

Oh yes, he really doesn't like being mistaken for a child . . . and a female one at that. It happens a lot.

Note: Cranes who have been back in the Kakita and Daidoji provinces in the last three years or so can PM for slightly more detail if they wish.
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Tsuruchi Haruto
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Re: The PCs

Post by Tsuruchi Haruto »

Name: Tsuruchi Haruto
Gender: Male
Clan: Mantis
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Age: 23
Martial Status: Single
Build: Athletic
Height: 5'11"
Weight: Roughly 190
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Haruto is a man some would describe as rough and others ruggedly handsome depending on their tastes. He is usually more at home in the woods than in a city. A successful bounty hunter, tracker, and survivalist Haruto was trained by both the Tsuruchi and the Kitsune and has spent the better part of a decade travelling the empire plying his trade and hunting down criminals. Luckily for him the empire is rich with criminals and he has had no shortage of work to keep him busy, travelling across many different clan's land working mostly in smaller rural villages. Haruto has tracked down peasant revolt leaders, bandits, ronin, even a couple of Maho tsukai.

Being a bounty Hunter leads to little glory but what word does get around about Haruto is mixed, His skill and effectiveness are undeniable but he has built a bit of reputation for going against the word of those above him, accusing them of false testimony or worse accusing them of crimes no samurai would commit. He's been called reckless, disrespectful and dangerous almost as often as he's been called Sharp, diligent, and unwavering. One thing is certain though once Haruto catches a scent he never lets up until he's caught his prey.

Now he has been sent to Naishou to attend winter court to help bolster the local magistrates during this very busy event and because despite his rugged appearance he is surprisingly adept maneuvering through court settings.

When not working the Bounty hunter can often be found in a sake house or enjoying the nearest piece of nature he can with his sparrowhawk Jinsoku.
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Yasuki Aiyuri
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Re: The PCs

Post by Yasuki Aiyuri »

Name: Yasuki Aiyuri
Gender: Princess
Clan: Crane!
Age: 21
Height: 5'4" (1.6m)
Build: thick but feminine
Occupation: sumai, courtier
Eyes: blue-grey
Hair: dyed white in Crane fashion


Known Background:
Only daughter of a very rich Yasuki couple, Aiyuri spent much of her life isolated from the cares of the world in Yasuki Yashiki. When the Emperor ordered the Yasuki to be ruled by Daidoji Hachi, it is known her parents were publicly very supportive of the commandment, joining the Crane with little hesitation; This was when Aiyuri was young enough that she grew up with the idea of being both Crab and Crane in her lifetime as not so unusual, and a strength more than anything else.

Since her gempukku, Aiyuri has been a rising star. Trained in the Yasuki Merchants, she surprised those whom she interacted with with her unconventional style, her brazeness, and her skill at sumai. She has gone on to fame and success since then at various smaller courts and the Test of the Empress' Favor in Kudo. Sure, she's ruffled some feathers along the way, but most overlook her eccentricities thanks to her wit and charm.

First Impressions:
Aiyrui comes across as a very ostentatious and fashionable young lady, always wearing the latest fashions in very risqué and bright manner. She is well spoken and elegant like a proper courtier, but loves throwing in innuendo, and doesn't mind mentioning things like money and trade (like a proper Yasuki).

Appearance wise besides her clothes, Aiyuri surprises some who know her only by her reputation; Those knowing her with her success in Sumai imagine someone bulkier and more muscled. And she IS strong... for a courtier. But in her case it's simply a layer of musculature overlaying an otherwise curvaceous and soft body. Long white hair and bright bluish eyes match the untouched pale skin of a courtier, and many people have started up a conversation with the young woman to find out the reality of who she is, the Sumai or the courtier.

Many people never really learn the truth from her hints and her playful teasing.
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Doji Kaori
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Re: The PCs

Post by Doji Kaori »

Name: Doji Kaori
Gender: Female
Clan: Crane
Age: 60
Height: 5'4"
Build: Slight
Occupation: Courtier
Marital Status: Married
Eyes: Brown
Hair: White

A slight old woman, Kaori hasn't let age get in the way of maintaining an aura of grace, though she often appears fatigued. Perhaps that's why she also seems bored or annoyed (and usually, she is). She dresses as simply as status allows, wears her hair up in a relatively simple style, and has a wardrobe of conservatively cut and patterned (but excellent-quality) outfits. Her use of makeup (if she's using any at all) is typically sparing. She's also often found bearing prayer beads or a netsuke depicting one of the Fortunes (most often Benten).

A member of the doomed Naishou Crane, she's ostensibly working on building relationships, though at this point success is not expected of her. After the murders of her entire family line by Scorpion assassins, she's been hastily married off within the clan to formalize the redistribution of her family's assets. With nothing left to her name, there's also not much holding back her occasionally caustic tongue. That said, she's just as likely to disregard or ignore someone she doesn't believe is worth her time. Increasingly, that time is spent engaging in simple pursuits, as opposed to the frantic, desperate wheeling and dealing from the time before everything fell apart for her family, her clan and her province.
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Asahina Hikari
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Re: The PCs

Post by Asahina Hikari »

Name: Asahina Hikari
Gender: Female
Clan: Crane
Age: 20
Hair: Black (not dyed white)
Eyes: Gray
Height: 5'1"
Build: Slender
Marital status: single
Occupation: Doctor/Artisan/Priestess

Hikari found what she was good at early on, healing and artistry. Being able to speak with the kami helped there as well. The nature of her family and school allowed her to learn and practice a number of non martial disciplines, allowing her to further her studies in medicine and the arts. With that in mind, she has found herself in the aftermath of violence quite often, picking up the pieces and putting them back together as best as she can. It is no surprise that she does not seek a fight in anyway. This hasn't dampened her spirit however, she is quite cheerful and friendly. According to her, kami and bandages aren't the only things that can heal wounds, a positive outlook goes a long way as well. 

Dressing practically is Hikari's thing, especially in her line of work. She will dress appropriately when the situation calls for it and cleans up rather nicely. Her frame is not her allure, her face is. Her eyes are bright, her smile is infectious. When appropriate, she wears a warm smile. She gives people her full attention when they speak to her and she is eager to learn new things. Her motivation is to help above all else and she will go out of her way to help someone in need, especially a child, no matter where in the hierarchy they were born.

Her time in Naishou gave her plenty of opportunities to practice medicine, having to keep several samurai alive. Would she have just been able to practice medicine and create art, all would have been well. But the good doctor found herself involved in many other things; from fighting beings of shadow to a full on exorcism. Interesting times indeed.
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Kasuga Garou
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Re: The PCs

Post by Kasuga Garou »

Name: Kasuga Garou
Gender: Male
Clan: Tortoise
Age: 17
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: Average
Build: Unremarkable
Marital status: Single
Occupation: Courtier?

Kasuga Garou is a Tortoise clan samurai, and for most people that's all they are interested him hearing. For Kasuga Garou, that is enough. One thing of note, however, are the bags under his eyes and the hollow nature of his smile. His primary approach to social situations is an amicable, open one - there is no fear of reprise for a social faux-pas with him.

His dress is mostly for court, and unashamedly showing of the clan colours, but will use whatever the weather demands even if it's not a colour match. Perhaps the most memorable feature of the man isn't the man himself, but how his daisho seems to be coloured pure white, as if the snow itself had encased it. From accounts it is a normal daisho, however.

Beyond that, he is a very new presence in Naishou province, and for now, it shows. Who knows what his plans are?
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Shosuro Shiitake
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Re: The PCs

Post by Shosuro Shiitake »


Name: Shosuro Shiitake
Age: 19
Hair: Black
Eyes: Light black
Height: 5'0
Build: Bit underweight

Fluffy Stuff
Shiitake is, to put it simply, highly disliked by the rest of his family. In no way, shape, or form is Shiitake a good Scorpion, or even mildly decent. Instead of focusing on learning how to manipulate the court, he preferred to be out with the peasants and farm. Hilariously, he's not even particularly good with that skill either. Why he's here at a winter court is beyond anyone's guess. Some say that it's because he's being used as a pawn to get the other courtiers to lower their guard, allowing other Scorpion to come in and do what Shiitake can't. Others say that it's because his family just wants him out of their sight, even if it means some shame having him mess up at court. Either way, the young man, barely out of gempukku, is a nervous and easily frightened courtier who stutters when he is put under pressure. Also, he's got a favorite log that he brings with him everywhere. Shiitake mushrooms are growing on it. His cat, a tortoiseshell bobtail, tries to eat the mushrooms often.

-Tries his hardest
-Likely deserves better
-Has no friends
-Just wants love
-A good boy, but the worst samurai

Shiitake is on the shorter side, physically. Obviously weak and not suited for fighting. His long, black hair is usually pulled into a high ponytail with bangs and his outfits are in Scorpion colors, but without any of the usual Scorpion flare. They are plain, primarily black with red accents and a red sun that's created when he hides his hands in his sleeves, but are tailored to him and made from expensive silks. As expected of someone who looks and acts so meek, his voice is soft with a timid edge to it at all times.

-Like plants? Shiitake, as given away by his and his cats name, loves gardening and (gasp) farming.
-Scorpion with a cat. Ignoring clan superstition?
-Scorpion without any mask at all. Is he really even a Scorpion?
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Matsu Retsuhime
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Re: The PCs

Post by Matsu Retsuhime »

Name: Matsu Retsuhime
Age: 18
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'4"
Build: She works out.

Matsu Retsuhime is the daughter of Matsu Tadanobu. She was raised to be a warrior and took to that excellently but as all samurai was not taught to deal with feelings. She has definitely decided that difficult situations are to be dealt with violence or ignoring them.

She was in the most recent Topaz Championship but had to leave suddenly after doing well in a few events after an incident with a group of Kakita in a tavern. She doesn't appreciate people bringing it up.

Retsuhime enjoyed the most recent fighting but was not a fan of all the Scorpion skulking around and making things difficult. Her father was gravely injured and she has taken that incident to heart. Locked that shit up entirely.

Tall, statuesque, with a ponytail of dark brown hair. Not pretty. There is very little delicate about her and she prefers wearing armor to courtly clothes.

-Did you just lose the Naishou War?
-Do you like punching things?
-Are you a fan of the Empress?
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Isawa Mio
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Re: The PCs

Post by Isawa Mio »

Name - Isawa Mio
Age - 17
Hair - Dark Brown
Eyes - Brown
Height - 5'2"
Build - Willowy

Isawa Mio is very much your typical Isawa. Haughty, proud, naturally excelled at the mystical arts. At her gempukku she was asked what was it like to have worked so hard to get to the top: she replied with "I find it hilarious you think I've worked hard a single day in my life." Worse, she is an Ishiken, one in a million, and is proud of being able to bear that title unironically.

However pride is the downfall of almost any samurai. She was under further tutelage with an esteemed and very powerful air shugenja who was very old: if he'd been perhaps sixty years younger he would have been a potential candidate for the a seat on the Council of Five, but the man was in his one hundredth year of life at the time. Those who had the honor of being assigned to him also had the honor of taking care of an elderly person... and everything that entailed, as he was a hermit who rejected servants up in the mountains. And the prideful Isawa obviously hated every moment of it.

It was no secret that when the old man bit the dust less than a month after she joined him, he was in especially poor health. One who properly examined could say that his needs were neglected and ignored at the end, but Mio would simply say she took care of him as needed and he was just extremely old, and it was likely his time to go. It was a strange and awkward matter; he had been very old and taught many up and coming shugenja, but could have lived a few years longer, but would have just been tutoring the Isawa shugenja anyways. Her loss, most likely. In the end, unsure of what to do with her, she was sent to Naishou province as a method to stall for time while they convened on her fate.

to be updated when it is not midnight

Shiba Komainu - Assigned to be her charge.
to be updated when it is not midnight
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