[D9 LA] Ranger of the Forest

While there's little reason to undertake any great journeys during the winter, sometimes people just need to get out of the city for one reason or another.
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[D9 LA] Ranger of the Forest

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Another day another afternoon spent in the forest hunting down game to help feed the peasants of Naishou. Haruto found a very good haul this afternoon, maybe hunting a littler earlier in the day helped out.

D9 LA hunting/per fr from rank 2 tech 1 cr vp +1k1 tn 30: 8d10o10k4 33 7 foraging points
Mantis * Bushi * Bounty Hunter * Survivalist * Confident (maybe even overly so) * Seeker of JUSTICE * Yoriki of Seppun Jinpachi
Honor: Expected * Status: 3.5 * Glory 2.8

Carries: Daisho, functional clothing, armor where appropriate, Yumi where allowed

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