EVENT: (D8, LE) The Curtain Falls

Here, important visitors from other clans are housed in suites dominated by paintings of various Fortunes.
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Re: EVENT: (D8, LE) The Curtain Falls

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"Well, I'd better get to work on reporting this tragic accident, then. Thank you, minna-san, for your invaluable assistance- couldn't have done it without you."

I hope Hiruma-san is feeling all right...

[We're grabbing dem Status points by letting the Scorpion know we did them a solid]
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Re: EVENT: (D8, LE) The Curtain Falls

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If they cover it up and inform the Scorpion clan, each participant gains one Status for their faction.

Hiruma Zoido, Usagi Ginhiko, Teika, and Kasuga Garou all gain 1 Status point for their factions!
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